Balkans: fires burn across region

10 August, 14:36

(ANSAmed) - BELGRADE, AUGUST 10 - Several fires helped by high temperatures were burning across the Western Balkans region. Several fires erupted in Bosnia-Herzegovina, with the most critical being the two burning in the woods near an ammunitions factory in Konjic, where explosions at a minefield are making the firefighters' job harder.

No one was hurt, but the risk of new explosions and strong wind are making it difficult for the firefighters and military helicopters to contain the fire in this populated area.

Multiple fires are burning in the Mostar area. The most serious is the fire which has been burning for four days near the village of Kuti and is becoming a threat to property.

In the vicinity of Gacko, firemen are working to put out a fire which jeopardized homes during the previous night.

The Republika Srpska (Serb entity in Bosnia) civil protection service has confirmed that a fire was still burning in village of Crni Vrh near Sipovo, but that it had been contained.

The underbrush continues to burn in the village of Gostun, in the municipality of Novo Gorazde, but this fire is proving difficult to extinguish due to inaccessible terrain and mines in the area.

In Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, firefighters are trying to put out fires around Skopje, Tetovo and Kumano.

According to the rescue and protection directorate, teams are working to put out fires in the villages of Radisa and Kuckovo near Skopje, and in the village of Kopance near Tetovo which stretches for seven kilometers in the direction of Skopje, consuming woods and dry grass.

The biggest fire is consuming the oak and beech woods in the village of Presnica in the Kumanovo - Lipkovo area.

The area is hard to access and 50 hectares are on fire, so planes are being used to put it out.

Fires have also been reported in Croatia, where oak woods are burning near the village on Konjevrat in the Sibenik-Knin County, which temporarily interrupted traffic between Sibenik and Drnis.

Three Canadair aircraft are involved in the effort to extinguish the blaze, according to the state protection and rescue administration.

Dozen of hectares of forests are also burning in northwestern Albania after a days-long heat wave with temperatures exceeding 42 degrees Celsius. (ANSAmed)

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