UFM: EU Commission wants solar pilot projects

Most likely in countries like Morocco and Tunisia

22 June, 13:56

(ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, JUNE 22 - The European Commission wants to promote pilot projects in the south of the Mediterranean area in the context of its solar plan for the Mediterranean, "to show that they work".

This remark was made by Michael Koehler, head of cabinet of EU Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger, after receiving the study ''Desert power 2050'' in Brussels. According to Koehler, "the solar plan for the Mediterranean supplies a context for the development of solar, wind and other forms of energy in countries in the south, among these countries and for cooperation between north and south." Brussels currently leads the North co-presidency of the Union for the Mediterranean (UFM) and wants to start energy cooperation with pilot projects in countries in which the conditions are right, like Morocco and Tunisia. These countries "have the necessary power lines," Koehler explained, "the situation is relatively stable, they have a long tradition in relations and professionals in the sector are available." "We are relatively optimistic" about starting UFM pilot projects, the head of cabinet underlined, adding that the countries on the southern shore of the Mediterranean want to create jobs first of all.

"Therefore", Koehler concluded, "at a certain point we will not only be talking about pilot projects but about integrated solutions, which also include services, maintenance and training." (ANSAmed).


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