Latest news Algeria

    • 12:08
    • 28 apr

    Traditions and new links, cities’ stories told by immigrants

    Writers, poets and tourist guides in their adopted cities

    • 15:35
    • 26 apr

    Terrorism: Maghreb Union calls for common security strategy

    Meeting of interior ministers from UMA in Tunis

    • 12:19
    • 15 apr

    Egypt, Lebanon benefit most from MENA migrant remittances

    'Highest GDP percentage in Jordan and Palestine', World Bank

    • 15:34
    • 29 mar

    Fewer migrants arrive in Greece from Turkey post-accord, EU

    No significant rise in arrivals in Italy from Libya yet

    • 10:04
    • 25 mar

    Algeria: ancient sports star from Matreg to palm climbing

    Arab festival on traditional sports kicks off through the 30th

    • 18:11
    • 23 mar

    MPS, Sace and Assafrica team up for Italian investment

    3.8% GDP growth expected in N. Africa and Mideast

    • 19:24
    • 21 mar

    Algerian army kills six terrorists on border with Tunisia

    Big anti-terrorist operation in El Oued region

    • 14:11
    • 18 mar

    Algeria: local press reports attack on gas plant foiled

    Jihadists on run, no casualties, Algérie Focus site says

    • 16:33
    • 15 mar

    New Valencia-Algeria maritime route inaugurated

    North African country top trade partner for Spanish port

    • 11:26
    • 08 mar

    Culture: Paris Book Fair opens window on Algeria

    On March 17-20, Constantine a guest. Twenty authors protagonists

    • 18:02
    • 02 mar

    Algeria: Cevital owner richest man in North Africa, Forbes

    Billionaire Rebrab controls former Italian steelworks

    • 14:35
    • 02 mar

    Crisis: premier Algeria announces new economic plan

    To face consequences of declining oil prices on markets