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    • 16:54
    • 22 ago

    Education key to avoiding extremism, Croatian Mufti says

    Hasanovic advocates 'pact' between state and Islamic community

  1. Croatia, Serbia tensions over 'Operation Storm' anniversary
    • 19:42
    • 04 ago

    Croatia, Serbia tensions over 'Operation Storm' anniversary

    Celebrations in Zagreb, mourning in Belgrade

    • 15:38
    • 03 ago

    Serbia: EU to stop glorification of fascism in Croatia

  2. Italy wants rapid EU integration of Western Balkans
    • 17:42
    • 12 lug

    Italy wants rapid EU integration of Western Balkans

    Deputy foreign minister meets with Serbian Prime Minister Vucic

    • 18:18
    • 11 lug

    Amendola in Belgrade for planning Western Balkans Summit

    Meeting with Italian ambassadors to region's countries

    • 17:00
    • 24 giu

    Brexit: Croatia, strong blow for EU

    Foreign minister, no serious consequences for Zagreb

    • 15:51
    • 24 giu

    Brexit: Balkans discuss shocking news

    'Most important change since the fall of USSR'. 'Historic day'

    • 16:16
    • 10 giu

    Long term unemployment critical in Greece and Spain, study

    Bertelsmann Stiftung, clear north-south divide in European Union

    • 17:07
    • 01 giu

    Croatia: Council of Europe, concern over rising nationalism

    Minority rights at risk, hatred and prejudice on the rise

    • 17:01
    • 31 mag

    EBRD: 1 bln euro for China's projects in Western Balkans

    • 20:25
    • 26 mag

    Serbia: EU, Hahn announces overcoming Croatian opposition

    Talks to restart by June on Belgrade accession to EU

    • 16:49
    • 11 mag

    EU strategy forum on Adriatic-Ionian region in Dubrovnik

    Meetings from 12/5 for economic, social and logistic development

    • 17:11
    • 14 apr

    Migrants: Croatia and Albania united vs 'Adriatic route'

    Defence ministers meet over closure of Balkans route

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