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    • 15:10
    • 25 nov

    Croatia collects signatures for presidential candidates

    Voting on 28/12, Josipovic frontrunner

    • 16:04
    • 18 nov

    Adriatic Ionian Macroregion 'to bolster cooperation', Dacic

    Serbian FM says reforms a means to achieve EU membership

    • 15:50
    • 18 nov

    Adriatic-Ionian: TAP issues will be resolved, Italian FM

    'Important project for Italy'

    • 15:49
    • 18 nov

    Adriatic Ionian Macroregion can serve as bridge, Italian FM

    Amid current tensions, 'Europe doesn't need walls'

    • 12:29
    • 18 nov

    Adriatic-Ionian region: Gentiloni, EU enlargement not burden

    Macro-region a 'new beginning' for western Balkans

  1. Soccer:Italy lose perfect record in trouble-hit Croatia game
    • 12:54
    • 17 nov

    Soccer:Italy lose perfect record in trouble-hit Croatia game

    Croatian fans throw flares, interrupting action twice

    • 16:11
    • 23 ott

    Croatians and Serbs togehter in joint military exercises

    Nato and Parnership for peace countries together in Serbia

    • 19:38
    • 13 ott

    Croatia heads towards anti-motorway concession referendum

    Signature collection kicks off, 10% of voters needed to call one

    • 17:37
    • 13 ott

    Nationalist candidates win Bosnia presidential elections

    Izetbegovic (Muslim) and Cocic (Croat) win, no Serb winner yet

    • 21:55
    • 09 ott

    Croatia attempts privatisation of national carrier again

    Minister Milanovic says partnership needed to keep up momentum

    • 15:29
    • 08 ott

    Adriatic-Ionian area needs good strategy, Serracchiani says

    Previous mistakes must be avoided. Red tape must be cut

    • 15:27
    • 08 ott

    Croatia: LGBT movement flag hung on Rijeka national theater

    On Independence Day; city the most liberal nationwide

    • 11:42
    • 05 set

    British hostage held by ISIS 'hero' for Croatian Muslims

    Haines worked with ONG in ex-Yugoslavia, dubbed 'crazy Scotsman'

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