Egypt: thousands in Tahrir Square against generals

As on Jan 25 2011. People defends revolution

20 April, 20:01

(ANSAmed) - CAIRO, APRIL 20 - Hundreds ofthousands of Egyptians have once more streamed into Tahrir Square today, just as they did at the height of the January and February revolution of 2011. First they prayed, and then they protested peacefully.

There were calls for the military to leave on June 30 and not to seek to prolong their period in power. There were calls for the cancellation of an Article in the constitutional declaration preventing appeals against decisions by the Presidential Electoral Commission, and that there should be no military interference in the formation of the Constitutional Assembly.

While several long processions made their way into the symbolic square from the various areas of Cairo - Shubra, Giza, Mohandessin, Sayeda Zenab - demonstrations were also being held across Egypt: 100,000 in Alessandria, meeting in the mosque of Qaid Ibrahim before marching towards the military district of Sidi Gaber, chanting slogans such as ''Down with military government'', ''We are the people - the red line''. Hundreds marched in the tourist resort of Hurgada on the Red Sea, in Aswan, on the South at Banha, in the Governorate of Qalyubeya (Nile Delta), at Suez, in El Arisch, in the North of Sinai, at Marsa Matrouh, on the north Mediterraean coast in the oasis of Fayoum.

The Muslim Brotherhood, the April 6 Movement, the Coalition of Young Revolutionaries of January 25, Salaphites not allied to the official Al Nour party (which has dissociated itself from them): all together into Tahrir Square unfurling a huge blue banner showing the bearded face of Salaphite candidate Hazem Abou Ismail, who the electoral commission has barred from standing in the presidential race of May 23 in 24 in its first round. All were united in closing out any participation by the 'remnants' of the old regime such as General Omar Suleiman, who Mubarak nominated as his deputy shortly before standing down on February 11 2011, and who has also been ruled out by the electoral commission. (ANSAmed).


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