Egypt: First legal appeal to Morsi's decrees

President honors retired military brass with medals

14 August, 19:27

(ANSAmed) - CAIRO, AUGUST 14 - A lawyer on Tuesday appealed President Mohamed Morsi's decree abolishing a June 17 temporary constitutional addendum depriving the executive of some of its powers, sources said.

Mohamed Salem, a lawyer, filed the appeal in a Cairo court.

Morsi, who hails from the Muslim Brotherhood, is trying to reinstate a totalitarian, theocratic regime in Egypt, according to Salem. This is proven by that fact he abolished the military-drafted addendum to the constitution, which he swore to uphold when he took office, Salem alleged.

During the presidential campaign, Salem tried to have Morsi's children's Egyptian nationality revoked, because they also have US citizenship.

Also on Tuesday, Morsi honored former defense minister and head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, Marshall Hussein Tantawi, and former chief of staff, General Sami Anan. In a ceremony shown live on state TV, Tantawi was granted the Nile Medal, Egypt's highest state honor, and Anan the State Medal.

Tantawi and the Supreme Council effectively ruled the country since the overthrow of Mubarak on February 11, 2011, until Morsi was elected and took office.(ANSAmed).


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