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    • 11:53
    • 20 ott

    Netkite Call, Mediterranean competition for business ideas

    Researchers from Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan participate

    • 14:23
    • 17 ott

    Italy-Egypt partnership from culture to business

    Soon Asfour-Franceschini meeting and Business Council

    • 10:26
    • 17 ott

    The Mediterrean's future, ANSA-AL AHRAM conference in Cairo

    Terrorism, security but also opportunities and development

    • 17:09
    • 16 ott

    Egypt: Amb. Massari investments and "people to people"

    Terrorism in the region but also opportunities

  1. Egyptian FM calls situation in Libya 'disturbing'
    • 14:13
    • 16 ott

    Egyptian FM calls situation in Libya 'disturbing'

    Cairo not involved in airstrikes on Benghazi, says Shoukry

  2. ISIS: Egyptian PM calls for battle 'to be fought together'
    • 14:06
    • 16 ott

    ISIS: Egyptian PM calls for battle 'to be fought together'

    Terrorism with 'no leaders, no religion and no borders', Mahlab

    • 12:07
    • 16 ott

    ANSA-Al Ahram conference on Med kicks off in Cairo

    'Italy and Egypt should invest in the future', says Cerbone

    • 19:57
    • 15 ott

    Med future focus of ANSA-Ahram conference in Cairo

    For ANSAmed's 10th anniversary on 16/10

    • 19:05
    • 15 ott

    Libya: Egypt denies taking part in airstrikes

    Against jihadists in Benghazi

    • 18:11
    • 15 ott

    Egyptian planes taking part in Benghazi airstrikes, media

    'Against jihadist positions'; no confirmation from Cairo

    • 11:04
    • 15 ott

    Egypt: attack in Cairo, 12 wounded including child

    Car bomb explodes in very crowded area

    • 20:17
    • 13 ott

    UN chief calls on Netanyahu to halt settlements

    On visit to West Bank and Israel; in Gaza 14/10

    • 10:57
    • 13 ott

    Mideast: Hefty donations pledged for Gaza reconstruction

    5.4 bln dollars promised in Cairo. Mogherini, talks to restart

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