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    • 12:27
    • 23 gen

    King Abdullah: Sisi's homage,Egypt observes week of mourning

    40 days in Jordan and Bahrain, today funeral in Riyadh

    • 16:01
    • 22 gen

    Sisi tells WEF that Islam preaches tolerance

    'Terrorism the enemy, no effort spared for two-state peace'

    • 13:13
    • 20 gen

    Egypt: Sisi, so far 208 terrorists killed

    President does not specify time-frame. Sources, "post Morsi"

  1. Saint Catherine's Monastery, spirituality and coexistence
    • 18:28
    • 16 gen

    Saint Catherine's Monastery, spirituality and coexistence

    Transfiguration mosaic restoration focus at Accademia d'Egitto

    • 16:54
    • 16 gen

    Egypt gives sneak peak at expanded Suez Canal

    Work proceeding on time, 'doubling' to be ready in August

    • 13:21
    • 15 gen

    Terrorism, Arab League studying rapid intervention force

    Announced secretary general Nabil el-Arabi in Cairo

    • 20:16
    • 14 gen

    Charlie Hebdo: Muslim world criticizes new cartoons

    After condemning Paris attacks; a few against the grain

    • 16:01
    • 14 gen

    Charlie Hebdo: Al-Azhar tells Muslims to ignore cartoons

    'Hateful frivolity', 'oppose threats to world peace'

    • 11:57
    • 14 gen

    Energy: two new offshore concessions in Egypt for Eni

    To explore North Leil and Karawan blocks

    • 16:27
    • 13 gen

    Charlie Hebdo: Egyptian fatwa authority condemns new issue

    Caricatures will spark 'wave of hatred in France and the West'

    • 13:48
    • 13 gen

    Egypt: lawyer confirms Mubarak will leave military hospital

    But state tv says Mubarak remains in detention

    • 10:14
    • 13 gen

    Egypt, sources say Mubarak could be released

    His appeal was accepted, retrial in the only case against him

    • 18:15
    • 12 gen

    Libyan ISIS group posts photos of 21 Egyptian Copt hostages

    'Christian crusaders' taken 10 days ago

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