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    • 15:48
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    Egypt: Culture minister, security boosted for heritage

    Al Nabawi, 'but preventing attacks is impossible'

    • 14:24
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    Volleyball:Egypt African champions, Tunisia beaten in finals

    Media hails golden generation to face World Cup

    • 14:36
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    Egypt: verdict in the retrial of Al Jazeera reporters postponed

    Charged with spreading false news, 'supporting terrorism'

    • 14:01
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    EU's READY.Med.Fish project kicks off

    Between Italy, Lebanon, Tunisia and Egypt

    • 18:07
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    Photo exhibit: Accademia d'Egitto pays homage to Omar Sharif

    Culture Minister Al-Nabawy to open Rome event on 30/7

    • 14:01
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    Egypt: two Ajnad Misr jihadists killed in Giza

    Suspects in Italian consulate attack, say security forces

    • 18:11
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    Mideast: Erekat, emergency meeting Arab countries on Aug. 5

    In Cairo to discuss 'dangerous situation' in Jerusalem

    • 16:18
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    Libya: Egyptian FM, all sides must sign UN accord

    Shoukri tells Libyan counterpart Dayri, multiply peace efforts

    • 19:40
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    Italy to conduct another mission to Egypt by year's end

    'Country important for new directions'

    • 16:04
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    SACE assessing possible 4.9-bln-euro investment in Egypt

    Announcement during PM's visit to Expo

  1. 'Extremism must be isolated', Egyptian PM at Expo
    • 14:35
    • 23 lug

    'Extremism must be isolated', Egyptian PM at Expo

    Mahlab in Milan for National Day

    • 12:37
    • 17 lug

    Egypt: clashes in Cairo, at least six dead

    Police against demonstrators close to Muslim Brothers

  2. Farewell to Omar Sharif, the unforgotten Doctor Zivago
    • 17:59
    • 10 lug

    Farewell to Omar Sharif, the unforgotten Doctor Zivago

    Over 100 films, from Lawrence of Arabia to Monsieur Ibrahim

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