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    • 15:52
    • 30 nov

    Tourism minister, high security standards in Egypt airports

    'Certification on the way'; USD 5 mln to promote image

    • 13:02
    • 30 nov

    New Suez Canal, economic impact on Mediterranean traffic

    Study presented by Srm in cooperation with Certet-Bocconi

    • 19:57
    • 26 nov

    Tomb of priest from 21st dynasty discovered in Luxor

    Found by a Spanish mission, sarcophagus well-preserved

    • 19:00
    • 25 nov

    Russia tourists forgo Egypt and Turkey after plane incidents

    Israel and SE Asia may be new holiday destinations

  1. Egypt: Sinai hotel death toll rises to six
    • 16:03
    • 24 nov

    Egypt: Sinai hotel death toll rises to six

    Two judges, three police officers, one civilian, 12 wounded

    • 14:02
    • 24 nov

    Egypt: Sinai hotel, 'judge among four victims'

    Three reportedly carried out attack with car bomb, suicide vest

    • 10:56
    • 24 nov

    Egypt: car bomb in front of Sinai hotel,four soldiers killed

    14 wounded including 2 civilians, polling station pres. at hotel

    • 15:52
    • 23 nov

    Archaeology: Nefertiti, work on Tutankhamun's tomb starts

  2. Sharm El Sheikh deserted by tourists after plane crash
    • 18:53
    • 19 nov

    Sharm El Sheikh deserted by tourists after plane crash

    Tour operators and hotel employees fear lay-offs

    • 18:44
    • 18 nov

    ISIS publishes photo of bomb on Sinai aircraft in Dabiq

    Non-alcoholic beer can flanked by other components

    • 15:52
    • 18 nov

    Cairo Film Festival showcases story of divorced 10-year-old

    Director Salami speaks out against child marriage

    • 12:42
    • 13 nov

    Cairo, Festival Yussef Chahine celebrates young filmmakers

    Independent cinema event promoted by director

    • 13:25
    • 12 nov

    Cinema: from Cairo Festival message of peace for Egypt

    Opening of 37th edition. Minister of culture, country will rise

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