Latest news Egypt

    • 13:46
    • 25 mag

    Cyprus and Egypt complete joint Search & Rescue exercise

    • 16:21
    • 20 mag

    Italy to co-finance Cairo Museum of Islamic Art restoration

    To repair damage from car bomb last year

    • 18:16
    • 18 mag

    Libya: minister Tobruk, our troops are 3 km from Tripoli

    After general Haftar announced 'unity already within'

    • 11:06
    • 12 mag

    Hittits-Egyptians, scientific cooperation 2000 years ago

    Seminar and exhibition on ties between East and West in Cairo

  1. Egypt moving forward with reforms, trade minister
    • 17:01
    • 07 mag

    Egypt moving forward with reforms, trade minister

    Italy confirms confidence during Abdel Nour's visit to Rome

    • 14:13
    • 07 mag

    Egypt: Monti (ICE), new mission with Calenda in July

    Optimistic after Sharm Italy economic summit

    • 13:48
    • 07 mag

    Egypt: minister Abdel Nour,elections to be held by September

    Industry Minister said parliamentary vote will be inclusive

    • 11:51
    • 06 mag

    Expo: food theme of Italian Cooperation in Egypt

    Amb. Massari, element coinciding with funding ends

    • 10:42
    • 06 mag

    Expo: Amb. Massari, fairs will boost Italy-Egypt ties

    Ipack-Ima, Homi, Mipel and Smai most important for Egyptians

  2. Egypt: cruises on Nile in crisis, tourists still fearful
    • 14:07
    • 04 mag

    Egypt: cruises on Nile in crisis, tourists still fearful

    Data on tourism down from 2011; now investments for recovery

    • 11:20
    • 30 apr

    Free tour operator for sick children presented in Cairo

    Flying Angels Foundation covers travel expenses for emergencies

    • 17:34
    • 29 apr

    Mediterranean: Nicosia, Athens, Cairo to boost cooperation

    They agreed to promote peace, stability and security in the area

    • 13:45
    • 29 apr

    Middle East, Vatican pilgrims' organization bets on region

    Mons. Andreatta: 'We bring solidarity in difficult times'