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    • 18:41
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    Euromed: Ten web based projects are looking for producers

    Work of students from Morocco, Tunisia and Lebanon in EU project

    • 14:21
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    Renzi Saturday in Egypt to meet Al Sisi and Mahlab

    • 14:08
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    Libya: Egypt doubles personnel to help citizens leave

    At border with Tunisia, Egyptians sent to Djerba airport

    • 18:03
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    Egypt: Papyrus as anti-pollution filter for the future

    Book expounds on potential of plant held sacred in ancient times

    • 14:20
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    Egypt: clashes mark end of Ramadan, at least two victims

    Army surrounds Tahrir. Morsi calls on supporters from jail

    • 10:24
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    Libya: Tripoli at war, dozens of deaths reported in Benghazi

    EU capitals tell their citizens to leave. 100 Italians evacuated

    • 10:15
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    Bloody Ramadan from Gaza to Caliphate of Mosul

    Eid festival ends war-torn holy month

    • 13:11
    • 24 lug

    Gaza: Israeli minister says only humanitarian truce possible

    Egypt foils attack on kibbutz, seven others dead in Khan Younes

    • 13:03
    • 24 lug

    Italy-Egypt: Plans underway for PM Renzi's visit to Cairo

    'Strategic partner' in economy and Med, but also open issues

    • 11:46
    • 24 lug

    Gaza: Brazil withdraws ambassador from Israel

    Egypt suspends flights. Family destroyed by bombs in Jabalaya

    • 11:45
    • 24 lug

    Support service in Cairo to cooperate with Italian hospitals

    To treat patients from Mideast and North Africa at top centers

    • 10:22
    • 24 lug

    Gaza: war continues, almost 720 Palestinians dead

    US carriers resume Tel Aviv flights. Hamas, blockade must end

    • 16:10
    • 23 lug

    Israel may have committed war crimes, says UN's Pillay

    Hamas also condemned for 'indiscriminate attacks'