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    • 14:34
    • 14 mar

    Egypt: 'Noah' to show in cinemas despite religious ban

    Religious authority Al-Azhar opposed to representing prophets

    • 13:55
    • 14 mar

    Libya: armed group seizes 40 Egyptian workers in the east

    Families of the kidnapped beg help from Egyptian authorities

    • 17:58
    • 13 mar

    Egypt's MB blamed for attack on military 'without proof'

    Jihadists claim responsibility; more protests planned

    • 15:47
    • 13 mar

    Islamic Jihad announces Egypt-brokered truce

    Israeli sources say 'if we have peace, so will Gaza'

    • 15:26
    • 13 mar

    Egyptian presidential elections to be held before July 17

    Sisi's candidacy ever more likely, Sabbahi sole contender so far

    • 13:07
    • 13 mar

    Jordan: conference on mobility around the Mediterranean

    It will adress the challenges youth face today

    • 11:19
    • 13 mar

    Egypt: army officer killed in ambush west of Cairo

    Two non-commissioned officers seriously injured by gunmen

    • 18:07
    • 12 mar

    Egyptian presidential elections date and details on Saturday

    Criticism of election law immunizing commission's decisions

    • 11:08
    • 12 mar

    Egypt: bomb explodes near Israeli embassy, no casualties

    Blast during the night destroys two cars

    • 19:06
    • 11 mar

    Al-Qaeda cell planning US embassy attack dismantled in Egypt

    Plotting attack on French diplomatic offices as well

    • 18:39
    • 11 mar

    Egypt: Pistelli calls for reconciliation with MB

    'Mistake to consider it monolithic, though moderates a minority'

    • 15:20
    • 11 mar

    'Shut Up Your Mouse Obama' video online hit in Egypt

    Rap song a success amid rising anti-Americanism

    • 20:07
    • 10 mar

    Egypt: Anti-Mubarak activists on trial report beatings

    Lawyer withdraws; powerful businessman out on bail