UAE:Fujairah,from aircraft deposit to regional recycling hub

Abandoned aircraft dismantled in first centre in the area

19 April, 16:29

(ANSAmed) - DUBAI, APRIL 19 - The project - the idea came from steadily accumulating aircrafts headed for the scrap yard - is ambitious: aiming to transform Fujairah into the first centre for the recovery and recycling of aircraft parts of the region. The sole sheikhdom of the seven making up the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which faces onto the ocean, Fujairah had long been a popular holiday destination before being overshadowed by the rich, amazing tourist options offered by Dubai. The busy airport, with 2 million tourists passing through every year, has seen its pace slowed over the years and is becoming - due to its low costs - a 'parking lot' for a number of airlines, especially from Eastern Europe. Many of these planes, including Afghan Antonov, have never been reclaimed and have become de facto property of the Fujairah airport. A company has been set up specifically to deal with the reuse of the parts, fuselages, engines, electrical equipment onboard and even the seatbelts: a centre for the dismantling and selection of every single part, a case of necessity breeding invention and leading to its aim to become a hub for the entire region. In the Middle East there are currently no centres for the dismantling and recycling of the parts of no longer operative aircraft. The project is coming into being while Fujairah is in a phase of economic-commercial transformation, in part due to the opening of a new port terminal and the inauguration of the oil pipeline that while enable the passage of crude oil overland, bypassing the Strait of Hormuz in the case of tension or conflict with Iran. At the regional level, as well, the aeronautics industry, both due to long-sighted investment - such as the huge acquisitions at low prices in the period immediately following the 9/11 attacks - and a tourist trend in the Middle East which is in constant growth (in contrast with the global downturn) and is expected to continue to do well over the next two decades. UAE growth is also helped by Etihad and Emirates, the two best airlines in the world in terms of services and security, and will be contributed to in the future by the construction of the Dubai airport Al Maktoum, the largest in the world once completed in 2015. (ANSAmed).


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