Ramadan ends, but with it comes excess

Benefits of fasting overshadowed by 'food euphoria'

20 August, 13:09

(ANSAMed) - DUBAI, AUGUST 20 - The holy month of Ramadan has drawn to a close but with it comes a "euphoria" for food which experts say counteracts the benefits of purification.

The end of Ramadan regularly sees doctors' bills plumped up by complaints of digestive disturbances, constipation, and hormonal imbalance sparked by end of fasting excesses. "Hundreds of years ago The Koran explained what modern nutritionists are only now grasping: that a balanced diet is beneficial to health", said Ali Al Salum, cultural Ambassador for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), an expert in Arab traditions. "The month of fasting and sacrifices - as Ramadan is generally perceived by non Muslims, is, in reality, a precious opportunity for physical and spiritual detoxification." "All parts of the body must comply: the tongue with regards to gossip; the eyes which must not take in indecent scenes; the ears which may not hear obscene discourses; the hands which must not touch anything they don't own, and the feet which must not be drawn towards sinful activity".

"It involves a 360 degree commitment to mind and body," he continues, "for those dedicated to fasting." (ANSAmed).


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