Euromed: Montada, bilingual guide on Marrakesh heritage

20 April, 15:43

(ANSAmed) - MADRID, APRIL 20 - ''Marrakesh, history, heritage, culture and spirituality'' is the name of the new guide in French and Arabic published by the Montada-Marrakesh project which gave the news. The guide with words by Mohamed Knidiri, head of the Great Atlas association, Unesco expert and former Culture minister, shows a preview of the book's itinerant character and the layout of the Medina which will soon be inaugurated. Directed by Xavier Casanova, head of the Montada Project and coordinated by Montserrat Casado, the publication was made in collaboration with the Barcelona order of architects, technicians and town planners together with the Eco'le d'Avignon, the association for the protection of the Kairouan medina, the Sala Almoustaqbal association, the office for the protection of the Mzab valley and the Centre for the development of the Tensift region, along with supervision by Brigit Colin of Unesco and Jose Giralt of IEMED, members of the scientific committe of Montada.

The restoration and safeguarding of the traditional architectural heritage in order to save the historic and cultural identity of the Mediterranean, thanks to aid from local communities, has been the primary objective for Montada, which is also part of the larger Euromed Heritage IV programme, co-financed by the EU with 1.5 million euros for a period of three years. Six cities of the Maghreb are part of the project, cities which are very different in their urban life, economy and culture: Sale' and Marrakech for Morocco, Sousse and Kairouan for Tunisia; and Dellys and Ghardaa for Algeria. (ANSAmed).


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