Egypt: Brussels, end state of emergency before elections

Adopt democratic Constitution and stop using military courts

15 May, 17:52

(ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, MAY 15 - Brussels has asked the Egyptian authorities to end the state of emergency before the presidential elections and to give power to the civil administration in 2012. A list of political priorities in Egypt was detailed in a report from the European Commission on relations with countries in the region. The list was a long one considering that ''the current political and economic uncertainty in the country has resulted in little progress towards structural reforms''. Based on the action plan for bilateral cooperation, Cairo is being ''invited'' to make progress on several fronts: one of the first is the adoption of a ''democratic Constitution that respects human rights'' based on an ''inclusive process''. Other priorities for Brussels involve putting an end to the use of military tribunals for legal proceedings involving civilians and creating conditions to allow NGOs to be active and independent with legislation in line with international standards. The list also details the need to assure the respect of freedom of religion and the protection of minorities, as well as the adoption of an economic reform plan that can open the door to international financial assistance. (ANSAmed).


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