Climate change: UN denounces 'suicidal war' against nature

Guterres inaugurates Lisbon capital of green Europe in 2020

15 January, 12:32

    (ANSAmed) - ROME, JANUARY 15 - UN secretary General Antonio Guterres said humanity was fighting a ''suicidal war'' against nature during a ceremony designing Lisbon as the 2020 green capital of Europe on Wednesday.

    ''Humanity is fighting a suicidal war against nature that reacts and responds with hurricanes, fires and severe draught in several regions of the world'' but the actions of mankind ''will not destroy the planet, which will continue to rotate around the sun for millions of years, but will destroy itself and the possibility of living on earth'', Guterres said.

    The secretary general recalled that global greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise and that natural disasters are more likely to happen with rising temperatures.

    Guterres said 2020 can be the year in which the fight against climate change can become more effective and there are three occasions to stop men's war on nature: the conference of States on biodiversity, the conference on oceans in Lisbon in June and the COP26 meeting that will enable countries to adopt concrete measures against climate change.

    Guterres stressed that these events will take place as three battles are ongoing: one for biodiversity, where one million species are disappearing; the battle for the oceans, with growing pollution and plastic and the battle to make the Paris agreement an effective tool against climate change.

    According to the UN chief, the international community knows exactly what to do: ''We cannot let temperatures rise more than 1.5 degrees by the end of the century and for this it is necessary to abandon fossil fuels''. Guterres stressed that another factor of hope is the growing mobilization of youths who are asking for the ''political willingness to lead these transformations''. (ANSAmed).

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