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    • 18:25
    • 17 apr

    Greece: Varoufakis sees Draghi, ECB head wants solution soon

    One-hour meeting between the two

    • 16:32
    • 17 apr

    Greece, creditors to hold more talks in Brussels tomorrow

    Ahead of an informal April 24 meeting in the Latvian capital

  1. Greece, Brussels Group to meet tomorrow and Sunday
    • 14:27
    • 17 apr

    Greece, Brussels Group to meet tomorrow and Sunday

    Press, banks asked to cancel exposure to Greek debt

    • 10:49
    • 17 apr

    Greece: deal appears distant amid deadlock in reform talks

    Even the EU representatives are losing their patience

    • 10:40
    • 17 apr

    Greece: Varoufakis, liquidity is drying up

    Finance Minister, 'we hope to reach an agreement by end of June'

    • 16:39
    • 16 apr

    EU: Serbia receives EUR 60.2 million from Solidarity Fund

    • 14:24
    • 16 apr

    EU says migrant crisis is serious, 'will get worse'

    • 09:42
    • 16 apr

    S&P cuts Greek rating. Berlin, no money in April

    Reports on German plan against Grexit denied by cabinet

    • 20:10
    • 15 apr

    EU Parliament lashes out at negation of Armenian genocide

    Passes amendment that 'praises' Pope Francis's message

    • 20:01
    • 15 apr

    Migration: UNHCR shocked over recent deaths in Mediterranean

    Calls for more rescues at sea

    • 18:17
    • 15 apr

    Balkan PMs to meet 21/4 in Brussels on energy and transport

    Montenegro must progress on rule of law and media freedom, Hahn

    • 19:56
    • 14 apr

    Italy must raise awareness about Libya in G7, says FM

    'Multiply EU efforts for stabilization and migration'

    • 19:54
    • 14 apr

    Greece: minister, "We have alternatives also without a deal"

    Athens to receive an advance payment from Moscow for pipeline