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  1. Sizable minority in Italy see Europe at war with Islam
    • 19:26
    • 27 nov

    Sizable minority in Italy see Europe at war with Islam

    Rome weighing more cooperation with France agst ISIS - Gentiloni

    • 17:52
    • 27 nov

    Pavlopoulos demands greater migrant control from Turkey

    'End to Syrian war vital for EU', Greek president in Rome

    • 20:04
    • 26 nov

    Energy: EU High Level Dialogue with Turkey, 'key player'

    Especially in Southern Gas Corridor, 'on the right track'

  2. 'We'll never give up our identity' Renzi at Sorbonne
    • 16:52
    • 26 nov

    'We'll never give up our identity' Renzi at Sorbonne

    Italian PM says EU must close ranks, avoid rift with public

    • 16:21
    • 26 nov

    Renzi tells Hollande Italy confirms commitments

    Premier says Italy works with France in many missions

    • 13:19
    • 26 nov

    EU-Turkey:Brussels, summit will decide negotiations relaunch

    Spokesperson does not confirm nor deny statements by Ankara

    • 11:20
    • 26 nov

    EU-Turkey: Ankara, accord for new chapter in negotiations

    'Beginning of new discussions on economic, monetary policies'

    • 15:00
    • 20 nov

    Parigi: Cazeneuve, EU internal border checks also needed

    Interior minister, PNR soon and effective

    • 16:47
    • 19 nov

    EU: Greece risks fines over poor waste water treatment

    Gulf of Elefsina, problem not addressed after 11 years

    • 16:19
    • 18 nov

    EU Commission neighborhood policy review, focus on stability

    Security, anti-terrorism and youth opportunities priorities

    • 14:09
    • 18 nov

    Paris: Avramopoulos, no to xenophobia,attackers not migrants

    EU commissioner says Schengen not under discussion

    • 12:41
    • 17 nov

    Paris: Mogherini, France called for help, EU's response yes

    “Unanimous support to request of launch of collective defe

    • 16:29
    • 16 nov

    Italian foreign minister hopes closing Schengen unnecessary

    Closure would be 'signal of difficulty' says Gentiloni

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