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    Tunisia: EU to hold event on CE mark for industrial products

    Ahead of free trade accord

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    Italian FM meets Blair, calls for EU's political role in ME

    Former UK PM: 'Mogherini as Lady Pesc is good news for Europe'

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    Tunisia: elections, first group of EU observers on the field

    Head of mission, contribution to inclusiveness and transparency

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    Tunisia: minister, we are at the forefront of women's rights

    Framework law against violence now, but Europe must help us

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    European stocks rise on Scotland's 'No' to independence

    European stock index hits six-year high

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    Brussels calls on Turkey to improve fundamental rights

    First meeting Fule with new min. EU affairs, Volkan Bozkor

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    Tourism: European cruise industry wants more ties with ports

    Crucial to preserve sites like Venice and modernization

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    UAE: Europe talks to Gulf through cinema fest

    Organized by Italian embassy, dialogue with UAE productions

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    Lebanon: EU funds programme to help families of disappeared

    information meetings organised in five regions of the country

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    Egypt: human rights, Cairo summons EU ambassadors

    Allegations of 'torture'. 'Inappropriate during anti-ISIS fight'

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    Med: human rights master's degree at Maghreb universities

    Program funded by EU Commission

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    EU says Mediterranean migrant deaths are 'homicides'

    Malmstrom's spokesman comments on reports of hundreds of deaths

  1. Italy only G7 nation in recession, says OECD
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    Italy only G7 nation in recession, says OECD

    Calls for flexibility in EU budget rules to boost growth