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    • 20:10
    • 15 apr

    EU Parliament lashes out at negation of Armenian genocide

    Passes amendment that 'praises' Pope Francis's message

    • 20:01
    • 15 apr

    Migration: UNHCR shocked over recent deaths in Mediterranean

    Calls for more rescues at sea

    • 18:17
    • 15 apr

    Balkan PMs to meet 21/4 in Brussels on energy and transport

    Montenegro must progress on rule of law and media freedom, Hahn

    • 19:56
    • 14 apr

    Italy must raise awareness about Libya in G7, says FM

    'Multiply EU efforts for stabilization and migration'

    • 19:54
    • 14 apr

    Greece: minister, "We have alternatives also without a deal"

    Athens to receive an advance payment from Moscow for pipeline

    • 19:41
    • 14 apr

    Greece not to receive Eurogroup aid 24/4, Dombrovskis

    'There will be no agreement in Riga'

    • 16:06
    • 14 apr

    Greece: Eurogroup work to continue after 24/4, Moscovici

    But Athens must draw up detailed list of reforms by then

    • 11:59
    • 14 apr

    Greece: press, IMF, negotiations not doing well

    European department chief does not foresee end of review

    • 20:12
    • 13 apr

    EU must shift attention south for its security, Italian FM

    'Mediterranean partnership to deal with migration and terrorism'

    • 16:34
    • 13 apr

    Migration: EU foreign policy chief wants more cooperation

    After latest deaths at sea; 'build EU-southern Med partnership'

  1. Migration: UNHCR wants rescue operations at sea stepped up
    • 15:17
    • 13 apr

    Migration: UNHCR wants rescue operations at sea stepped up

    Deaths may rise, Italy's efforts praised

    • 11:59
    • 13 apr

    Eurogroup wants Greece's list of reforms by April 20, FAZ

    • 11:37
    • 13 apr

    Euromed:Rajoy opens EU ministerial summit southern neighbors

    Foreign ministers in Barcelona, Med priority of EU action