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    • 20:11
    • 02 apr

    Syria: Italian FM calls current impasse 'worrisome'

    Tension with Russia 'does not help matters'

    • 19:32
    • 02 apr

    MSF calls for Greece to end lengthy migrant detentions

    Calls conditions a 'living hell' in report and video

    • 09:56
    • 02 apr

    Greece: the EU's 28 Ministers of Finances convene in Athens

    Schauble confident Greek economy is on path to recovery

    • 18:01
    • 01 apr

    Crisis: survey; Greek rate of unemployment highest in Europe

    It affects about 31.6% of women and 24.5% of men

    • 17:59
    • 01 apr

    Egyptian FM tells EU parliament death sentences not final

    For the 529 MB members; 'three levels of sppeal'

    • 13:30
    • 01 apr

    Renewables: cooperation project with Italy, Lebanon, Egypt

    Green engery on farms with Gre.Ene.Co lead by Sardinia

    • 17:34
    • 31 mar

    EU migration debate focuses on jus soli and FRONTEX

    Aging workforce spurs greater openness

    • 18:41
    • 28 mar

    Exhibits: from ancient Greece, a message for euro-skeptics

    'Classicism and Europe, the destiny of Greece and Italy'

    • 15:45
    • 28 mar

    NATO: Stoltenberg next chief says Italian FM Mogherini

    'We can expect it to be made official in next few hours'

    • 16:50
    • 27 mar

    Jordan-EU: Seminar on dialogue and issues facing the region

    Academics and activists to meet at the shores of the Dead Sea

    • 15:03
    • 27 mar

    Egypt: Brussels, freedom of press, association worsened

    'Disproportionate' convictions, no military trials for civilians

    • 14:53
    • 27 mar

    Libya: Brussels, first passage to Europe for Med migrants

    EU annual report, Lampedusa strong call for joint strategy

    • 14:46
    • 26 mar

    Morocco: Petition launched to combat violence against women

    EU-funded project 'The Strength of Women' kicks off campaign

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