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    • 16:03
    • 11 mag

    Without visas we’ll send migrants to EU, Erdogan advisor

    Provocative Tweet, if European Parliament takes wrong decision'

    • 15:47
    • 11 mag

    Migrants: Berlin sceptical about deal with Erdogan

    De Maiziere, 'no visa liberalisation if criteria not met'

    • 21:07
    • 10 mag

    Giampaolo Cantini new Italian ambassador to Egypt

    Maurizio Massari replaces Carlo Calenda at EU

    • 18:54
    • 10 mag

    Migrants: Lesbos meeting eyes ways to aid integration

    NGOs and social initiatives, communal work spaces for future

    • 18:20
    • 10 mag

    Turkey must respect conditions for visa waiver, EU deputies

    EU Commission postpones meeting with Turkey on waiver

    • 17:36
    • 10 mag

    EBRD: Serbian delegation at annual meeting in London

    • 10:46
    • 10 mag

    'Charles V' prize to Italian professor who invented Erasmus

    Prestigious award in Spain with King Felipe

  1. 'Barbaric rhetoric' no help says Italian PM on migrants
    • 19:33
    • 09 mag

    'Barbaric rhetoric' no help says Italian PM on migrants

    EU going down path of fear but must bear the suffering of Africa

    • 19:04
    • 09 mag

    Middle East: Hamdallah to EU, aid to stop Israel occupation

    PNA prime minister on Europe Day in Ramallah

    • 18:31
    • 09 mag

    EU: Erdogan, accession is Turkey's strategic objective

    'But on terrorism a more decisive position than Brussels'

    • 18:25
    • 09 mag

    Migrants: EU, there's no Plan B in accord with Turkey

    Juncker line, continue to work with Ankara, accord works

  2. No alternative to migrant quotas says Mogherini
    • 17:30
    • 09 mag

    No alternative to migrant quotas says Mogherini

    At Rome forum with Napolitano

    • 11:44
    • 09 mag

    EU sends counter-terror agents to migrant hotspots

    'To identify possible jihadists exploiting arrival of refugees'

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