Syria: Results not words, Dassù says

Italy willing to host next Friends conference

06 July, 17:59

(ANSAMed) - PARIS, JULY 6 - ''We must bridge the gap between words and results,'' Italian Foreign Undersecretary Marta Dassù, said at the Friends of Syria conference today. The Syrian regime is progressively falling apart, and what matters now is its ''complete isolation,'' Dassù added.

Russia and China must be induced to cease supporting the Assad regime, she underscored, calling it ''a process of collective persuasion'' now that ''the number of countries participating in the Friends of Syria conference has increased drastically.'' Italy ''is doing a lot on the medical front to aid the population, which is being brutalized by a senseless regime,'' Dassù said, adding that Italy is ready to host the next Friends of Syria conference, after the one scheduled to take place in Morocco.

Asked whether Italy is willing to participate in a possible UN peacekeeping mission, Dassù answered that the country ''is already very exposed'' elsewhere, such as Lebanon, adding that ''no requests have yet been made to Italy'' with regards to France's proposed dispatch of communications equipment to the opposition. Asked why the international community won't intervene in Syria against Assad as it did in Lybia against Gheddhafi, Dassù answered,''Because the UN Security Council hasn't given the green light. And because unfortunately international politics is not always based on coherent behaviors.'' (ANSAMed).


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