Syria: Cns, arms to rebels from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Libya

Disproportion between rebels and Assan's army

06 August, 16:16

(ANSAmed) - PARIS, August 6 - Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Libya are providing anti-Assad rebels with weapons, as reported today by CNS spokesperson in Paris. In a radio interview to Europe1, Bassma Kodmani has affirmed that "waiting for a military solution is catastrophic". Syrian rebels are desperately trying to seek weapons where they can find", Bassma Kodmani added. According to CNS responsible for external relations,weapons are provided by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and maybe Libya, with what it is left from its conflict. However, "insurgents are turning to black market to get what they need", Kodmani is also reported as saying.

Kodmani has insisted on the disproportion between Assad's military forces, including aviation, and a loose army of young people, armed with small arms and not able to face aviation.

Superpowers must come to a decision, Kodmani concluded, announcing that "a massacre is going to take place in Aleppo".



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