France: Kurds furious. "Erdogan is a killer"

Chaos outside building where the 3 women were killed

10 January, 13:58

(ANSAmed) - PARIS, JANUARY 10 - "Erdogan is a killer." "We're all in the PKK." "Free Ocalan". Hundreds of Kurds are chanting these and other slogans outside the building where three Kurdish women, including the co-founder of the PKK were murdered Thursday morning. Chaos and screams of anger erupted as the bodies of the women were carried out. Protestors have formed a procession that is moving toward Strasbourg Saint-Denis in central Paris.

The chief of the Federation of Kurdish Associations in France has pointed the finger at Turkey for the murder of three Kurdish women in Paris Thursday. "It's a crime of state, or in any case a political crime", Edhart Leon told ANSA outside the Kurdish Information Centre where the women were killed. "If you were going to point the finger at anyone it would be Turkey".

Leon, who was in Rome 15 years ago at a large rally for the the Kurdish leader, Ocalan, described the brutal murders of PKK co-founder Sakine Cansiz, 50, Dogan Fidan, 32 and Leyla Söylemez, 20 as "a message." "Right now the Kurdish community is in deep shock". "I'm waiting on information. Investigators are in place and are doing their job, but it's a very difficult test for us", he added.(ANSAmed).


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