Gay Marriage: anti-gay activists unfurl banners on bridges

Seine festooned ahead of parliament debate on same sex marriage

29 January, 10:40

(ANSAmed) - PARIS, JANUARY 29 - Protesters unfurled dozens of banners against same-sex marriage as parliament on Tuesday prepared to debate a bill to legalize such unions and to allow gay couples to adopt children.

''A mom and a dad, it's elementary'', ''No to fictional filiation'', ''Having a child is not a right'', said the banners. ''This is freedom of expression,'' explained Frigide Barjot from anti-gay wedding collective Manif Pour Tous. ''We demand freedom for MPs to vote their conscience. We want jobs, not (Justice Minister Christiane) Taubira's law.'' About 400 activists hung the banners overnight from 170 bridges on the Seine and overpasses on the Peripherique circular highway around the capital, Barjot told reporters at a press conference aboard a barge on the river. Once it reached the Eiffel Tower, activists unfurled two more banners, one reading ''For civil marriage'' and the other ''A mom and a dad, there's nothing better for a child''.

Debate on the same sex marriage bill, which is the first great attempt at social reform by the Francois Hollande administration, is expected to last for weeks, with 5,000 amendments being presented by the right wing alone. (ANSAmed).


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