Elections in Libya on December 10, agreement at the Elysee

But Libyan parties did not sign accord, 'informal'

29 May, 18:36

    International congress on Libya in Paris International congress on Libya in Paris

    PARIS - An agreement has been reportedly forged to hold elections in Libya on December 10 at an ongoing conference at the Elysee Palace in Paris, according to sources close to Libyan Premier Fayez el Sarraj. Participants have also agreed on a constitutional draft for the elections by September 16, the same sources said. The agreements have been reportedly reached during the UN-sponsored international conference on Libya taking place at the presidential palace with the participation of the main actors in the crisis. Although the road map discussed was not signed by the summit participants and only approved informally, French president Emmanuel Macron said.

    Macron noted two reasons why it was not signed officially: ''first, some participants asked to be able to share the joint declaration first with some of those they are representing in Libya.'' The second is even more important, he said, stressing that ''representatives of institutions that do not recognize each other took part in this meeting. For months this has been the problem in the situation in Libya. Thus, rather than being stubborn about a statement that cannot be signed, it is better to have a statement'' involving the various parties involved, even if it is not officially signed.

    The text of the accord is reportedly brief and schematic. As part of the agreement, the sides involved pledge to guarantee the security of electoral procedures. International sanctions are reportedly provided for if this clause is not respected. The text also mentions dialogue for the reunification of Libya's armed forces and state institutions. A referendum on the Constitution should reportedly be organized after elections and not before the vote.
    The agreement also sets a date for the next meeting which should be organized within three months to follow up on the implementation of what was established on Tuesday.

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