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    • 11:18
    • 26 nov

    France: Poitiers' anti-jihad school guide sparks controversy

    Protests against document on extremism over 'racist clichés'

    • 14:51
    • 25 nov

    Egyptian president flies from Rome to Paris

    To meet with Hollande and businessmen on 3-day visit

    • 12:56
    • 24 nov

    Greece: government to meet troika mission in Paris tomorrow

    The purpose is to expedite the current program's review

    • 10:53
    • 21 nov

    European diplomats tell Israel not to raze attackers' homes

    Italy, France, Germany, UK, Spain warn against retaliation

    • 19:52
    • 20 nov

    ISIS: '2nd French executioner' denies it is him, France24

    Looks and speech cast doubt on claims that it is Dos Santos

    • 19:20
    • 20 nov

    Sisi 'going to Europe to explain situation in Egypt'

    Weighing pardon for Al-Jazeera reporters.World should help Libya

    • 19:31
    • 19 nov

    ISIS: France to send 6 Mirage fighter jets to Jordan

    '1,000 French jihadists', Valls; Le Pen cites 4,000

    • 11:36
    • 19 nov

    ISIS: second Frenchman identified as executioner, report

    22-year-old from Parisian banlieue was in latest beheading video

    • 17:54
    • 18 nov

    France: jihadists mostly from middle class atheist families

    Contrary to stereotypes, only 10% of immigrant origins

    • 15:38
    • 17 nov

    ISIS beheaders include British student and French convert

    UK father recognized his son from video

    • 20:06
    • 13 nov

    Italian parliament 'to discuss recognition of Palestine', FM

    In response to question on French vote

    • 18:23
    • 13 nov

    Greece: Mayor dusts off dream of rebuilding Rhodes Colossus

    One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, 33m high

    • 18:15
    • 13 nov

    Qatar to hold onto World Cup 2022, FIFA cites 'concerns'

    Garcia report examined, Russia cleared for 2018 Cup

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