Latest news France

    • 16:02
    • 28 giu

    One of two Egyptair MS804 black boxes repaired

    Sources say repairs underway on second box

    • 12:47
    • 27 giu

    Brexit: 'France-Germany agree to act fast'

    Says French finance minister Sapin

    • 13:07
    • 24 giu

    Renzi, Hollande, Merkel to meet in Berlin Monday

    French President announces meeting after Brexit

    • 16:18
    • 23 giu

    World Jewish Congress says Michelin Guide ignores Israel

    Nothing dedicated to its gastronomy or restaurants

    • 16:16
    • 22 giu

    France authorizes limited union march in Paris

    After meeting with Interior minister

    • 15:10
    • 22 giu

    Hollande cites security to justify protest ban

    'Right to strike essential, but safety takes the upper hand'

    • 13:34
    • 22 giu

    France: tomorrow's anti labour reform demonstration blocked

    After incidents in previous marches. Last ban was in 1962

    • 15:51
    • 17 giu

    Terrorism: Hollande, over 15 attacks foiled in recent months

    Tribute to slain police couple, 'everyday heroes'

    • 14:08
    • 16 giu

    No. of asylum seekers in EU down, Italy in 2nd place

    Behind Germany. Over 1 million asylum applications pending in EU

  1. Hollande and Obama 'together against barbarism'
    • 13:01
    • 15 giu

    Hollande and Obama 'together against barbarism'

    More witness accounts emerging in Orlando gay club massacre

  2. France: Valls appeals to CGT to stop protests
    • 10:54
    • 15 giu

    France: Valls appeals to CGT to stop protests

    Yesterday's labour demonstration turned into urban warfare

    • 10:52
    • 15 giu

    Police couple killed in Paris: Valls, more deaths to come

    Phone call between Holland and Obama, together against barbarism

    • 17:33
    • 14 giu

    Police couple killed in Paris, ISIS claims attack

    Killer swore loyalty to ISIS.French PM- there will be expulsions