Syria: PLO, we will not intervene in conflict in Yarmouk

Other 'means' are needed, says the organisation

10 April, 14:07

    (ANSAmed) - TEL AVIV, APRIL 10 - The PLO refuses to get involved in the armed conflict in the refugee camp of Yarmouk, in Syria, said the organisation in a statement from Ramallah. "We reject the proposition of being part of the armed conflict in Yarmouk as an excuse for its liberation" said the PLO, calling for "other means".

    Yesterday the head of the Palestinian delegation in Damascus, Ahmad Majdalani had announced that the organisation would join the Syrian regime's offensive against Isis in the Yarmouk camp.

    "We totally reject the notion - stated a PLO official statement on Friday - that we will enter the conflict". The organisation said that "other means must be found to save the lives of our people and prevent further destruction as well as the displacement of Palestinians from the Yarmouk camp". "We turn down the notion that we are involved in a military campaign, whatever its nature or cover". The PLO confirmed that it would strive to put an end to "all forms of aggression and armed attacks co-operating with all involved parties, in particular humanitarian agencies such as Unrwa as well as any other party committed to the idea of preventing further strife, devastation and misfortune in the camp". "The Organisation for the Liberation of Palestine - said the statement - remains steadfast in its relations with all parties and confirms its rejection of any attempt to drag it into any form of military action".(ANSAmed).

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