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    • 19:29
    • 21 nov

    Mideast: calm Friday on Temple Mount, incidents in Hebron

    Two students slightly wounded in East Jerusalem

    • 12:12
    • 21 nov

    Israeli interior ministry orders removal of Arab worker ban

    Survey finds 58% of Jewish Israelis approve mayor's action

    • 19:28
    • 20 nov

    Pilgrims visit Jerusalem's disputed areas during peace walk

    'Horrible climate, international action needed', Franciscans

    • 17:19
    • 20 nov

    Italy condemns recent attacks in Israel, 'dialogue needed'

    FM calls for parties involved to work towards two-state solution

    • 17:08
    • 20 nov

    Italy to discuss recognition of Palestine but not now, FM

    'Position the same as all European nations except Sweden'

    • 12:38
    • 20 nov

    Mideast: Gentiloni meets Palestinian Foreign Min. Al Malki

    FM condemns recent attacks in Jerusalem

    • 11:05
    • 20 nov

    Mideast; Della Vedova, religious hatred enemy of peace

    Italian deputy foreign minister at Jerusalem synagogue

    • 20:51
    • 19 nov

    Pilgrims to defy Jerusalem tension on Via Crucis

    To cross Muslim, Christian and Jewish areas of Old City 20/11

    • 18:52
    • 19 nov

    Israeli PM vows to tear down more 'terrorist' homes

    'To restore security to Jerusalem'

    • 17:27
    • 19 nov

    Israeli economy minister calls for E. Jerusalem military op

    Army destroys Palestinian's home; 78 new settler units approved

    • 17:26
    • 19 nov

    Orthodox rabbi calls for 'more faith' after synagogue attack

    Nationalist Jews criticized for pressure on Temple Mount issue

    • 13:24
    • 19 nov

    Pope says violence in Holy Land unacceptable

    Francis appeals for end to 'spiral of hate'

    • 15:33
    • 18 nov

    MidEast: Turkey condemns synagogue attack in West Jerusalem

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