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    • 15:35
    • 19 dic

    Me, rocket from Gaza falls in Israel, no casualties

    Sirens sounded in the area earlier

    • 13:51
    • 19 dic

    Me, permits to Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank for Xmas

    Israel grants freedom of movement to a few hundred

    • 11:30
    • 19 dic

    Mideast, Palestinian resolution at the UN, US say No

    Draft asks for 'end of Israeli occupation'. Arab League hopeful

    • 17:34
    • 18 dic

    Arab League urges US not to veto UN resolution on Palestine

    'EU Parliament decision on statehood a positive step'

    • 17:07
    • 18 dic

    Palestine resolution aims to end Israeli occupation, Abbas

    By 2017, says PA leader; yes to conference on peace talks

    • 16:44
    • 18 dic

    Contest of wills in UN Security Council lengthens timeline

    New draft calls for independent Palestine by 2017

    • 10:29
    • 18 dic

    MidEast: Gazans plant olive saplings for Turkey mine victims

    • 09:43
    • 18 dic

    Mideast: PNA presents draft UN resolution,peace in 12 months

    Palestinian ambassador, ready for changes

    • 20:17
    • 17 dic

    Decision on Hamas is 'an EU issue, not Egypt's'

    Cairo has said Palestinian movement aids Sinai jihadist groups

    • 19:13
    • 17 dic

    'Hypocritical EU learned nothing from Holocaust', Netanyahu

    After Hamas removed from terrorist list and Geneva conference

    • 18:59
    • 17 dic

    Geneva Conventions declare Palestinian rights 'violated'

    Israel shrugs off 126-nation statement as 'baseless'

    • 18:56
    • 17 dic

    Med textile cluster studied to compete with China

    In 8 hubs from Egypt to Greece and Tuscany; Barcelona conference

    • 18:54
    • 17 dic

    UN agrees French draft on Palestine, US approval awaited

    Version presented by Jordan scrapped

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