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    • 12:01
    • 30 set

    Mideast: East Jerusalem, Jews settle in Silwan, clashes

    Stones and petards hurled but no victims reported

    • 09:56
    • 30 set

    Mideast: PNA tells Netanyahu Palestinian State is solution

    Presidential spokesman, stop settlements

    • 18:45
    • 25 set

    Fatah and Hamas reach accord on unity government in Gaza

    To control access to enclave

    • 10:04
    • 24 set

    Palestinian demonstrators and police clash at Temple Mount

    Rocks and fire crackers during minister and police inspection

    • 19:15
    • 23 set

    Gaza talks postponed until October, 'maintain ceasefire'

    Israeli blockade and reconstruction to be discussed next month

    • 12:59
    • 23 set

    Palestinian delegation leaves Cairo talks on Gaza truce

    Abandon talks after news of Hebron killings by Israeli military

    • 11:43
    • 23 set

    Military kills 2 wanted in kidnapping-murder of 3 Israelis

    Israeli military operation raises tensions in Hebron

    • 12:22
    • 22 set

    Turkey's cooperation agency distributes schoolbags in Gaza

    Tika gives 5,000 items to Palestinian children affected by war

    • 12:18
    • 22 set

    Italian FM meets Blair, calls for EU's political role in ME

    Former UK PM: 'Mogherini as Lady Pesc is good news for Europe'

    • 11:30
    • 18 set

    Gaza: talks to begin in Cairo by Sept 24, Hamas leader says

    Marzook says party approves any UN mechanism for reconstruction

    • 11:03
    • 17 set

    Gaza:mortar strikes against Israel, Hamas arrests culprits

    First strike since end of war, Israel-PNA reconstruction accord

    • 18:45
    • 16 set

    Gaza: UN, Israel-PNA agreement on reconstruction in Strip

    UN envoy Robert Serry announces

    • 14:37
    • 16 set

    Gaza: survey, Haniyeh ahead of Barghouti, Abu Mazen in vote

    But moderate Fatah would beat Hamas by small margin

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