Latest news Palestinian N. A.

    • 11:12
    • 31 mag

    Mideast: Netanyahu, available for Arab peace initiative

    Premier, positive elements. Lieberman for two-State solution

    • 18:09
    • 27 mag

    Sociologist says Palestinian politics faces authoritarianism

    Tariq Dana says Abu Mazen more authoritarian than Arafat

    • 12:06
    • 23 mag

    Israel resumes cement supplies to Gaza

    UN envoy Mladenov praises Israeli and Palestinian leaders

    • 19:44
    • 20 mag

    Book and exhibit on Christians of the East

    By Dorigo and Milluzzi; in Vicenza and Jerusalem

    • 19:29
    • 17 mag

    Mideast: Al-Sisi,a real chance for Israeli-Palestinian peace

    Egypt ready to mediate. Parts react positively

    • 11:50
    • 17 mag

    Energy: Jordan signs accords with Algeria, Egypt, Palestine

    Agreements boost cooperation, allow more investments

    • 11:13
    • 17 mag

    Mideast: Hollande, Paris summit 'postponed until summer'

    John Kerry cannot attend on May 30 but 'conference necessary'

    • 20:14
    • 13 mag

    Migrants test for EU as human rights defender, UNRWA chief

    'Palestinians waiting for 68 years for conflict to end'

    • 16:27
    • 11 mag

    Paris wants Israeli-Palestinian peace process to resume

    30/5 conference despite skepticism from US, Russia and Israel

  1. Mideast: Hamdallah to EU, aid to stop Israel occupation
    • 19:04
    • 09 mag

    Mideast: Hamdallah to EU, aid to stop Israel occupation

    Tension rises as Jewish families settle in Jerusalem Muslim quarter

    • 14:41
    • 09 mag

    Jewish families settle in Jerusalem's Muslim quarter

    State gives Palestinian land to pro-settlers organisation

    • 10:59
    • 06 mag

    Israel bombs Hamas positions in response to mortar fire

    Air force attacked 'terrorist position', spokesman said

    • 20:07
    • 05 mag

    Woman killed in Israeli raids on Gaza strip - media sources

    Israel launches strikes after mortar fire from Gaza