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  1. Mideast: Four Israelis killed in attack on synagogue
    • 13:40
    • 18 nov

    Mideast: Four Israelis killed in attack on synagogue

    Two attackers dead. Israel, we will react. West condemns

    • 11:53
    • 18 nov

    Egypt: media, Hamas behind deadly attack on army in Sinai

    • 11:19
    • 18 nov

    Mideast: Hamas praises synagogue attack

    Spokesman, 'heroic revenge' for dead Palestinian driver

    • 16:31
    • 17 nov

    Spain: parliament to debate recognition of Palestine

    Non-binding resolution presented by Socialists

    • 14:36
    • 17 nov

    Mo: Arab driver hanged, unrest in East Jerusalem

    Mosques say 'victim of Israeli attack'

    • 12:03
    • 17 nov

    Migrants using Facebook in bid to reach Italy

    Revelation from Palestinians, Syrians who arrived in Sicily

    • 11:31
    • 17 nov

    Mogherini: necessary to build Palestine

    'Political perspective for both' needed

    • 10:16
    • 17 nov

    Palestine recognition is a goal, Italian FM says

    Not 'symbolic act', done in timely, appropriate manner

    • 10:14
    • 14 nov

    No restrictions for Muslims on Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif

    Kerry obtained engagement in reducing tension in Jerusalem

    • 20:06
    • 13 nov

    Italian parliament 'to discuss recognition of Palestine', FM

    In response to question on French vote

    • 18:20
    • 13 nov

    Kerry meets with King Abdullah ahead of Netanyahu

    In Amman to discuss rising tension in Jerusalem

    • 16:13
    • 13 nov

    John Kerry, Abu Mazen, King Abdallah to meet in Amman

    Three leaders talk on regional tensions in Jordanian capital

    • 18:27
    • 12 nov

    Israel authorizes 200 settler homes in East Jerusalem

    'Temple Mount status quo to remain', deputy minister

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