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    • 17:17
    • 12 gen

    Hamas lashes out at Abbas for taking part in Paris protest

    'He should focus on his own people', instead of Je Suis Charlie

  1. Mideast,Pope says two-State solution must become 'effective'
    • 12:14
    • 12 gen

    Mideast,Pope says two-State solution must become 'effective'

    Francis calls for resumption of Israeli-Palestinian talks

    • 09:44
    • 12 gen

    Paris rally: Netanyahu and Abu Mazen march together

    Jews and Muslims side by side. Hollande at Great Synagogue

    • 13:24
    • 08 gen

    Culture: EU programme focus development Palestinian sector

    First meeting national group, training on the private support

    • 17:20
    • 07 gen

    Mideast: Arab League, urgent meeting on Palestine on 15th

    Mahmoud Abbas will attend,foreign ministers on 'necessary steps'

    • 17:12
    • 07 gen

    Mideast: U.S. reconsiders aid package for Palestine over ICC

    Israel has already frozen over 100 mln in customs

    • 11:32
    • 07 gen

    Mideast: UN, Palestine to join ICC on April 1

    To pursue war crime charges against Israel

    • 14:31
    • 31 dic

    Mideast: UN vote; 'wrong choices' from Abu Mazen, Hamas says

    'By searching deal with occupier'. Islamic Jihad also critical

    • 12:45
    • 31 dic

    Mideast: UN vote, Israel satisfied, Netanyahu thanks USA

    Expressed gratitute towards Australia, Rwanda, Nigeria

    • 12:05
    • 31 dic

    Mideast,house set ablaze in Territories,attack by extremists

    Graffiti sprayed on wall read "Vengeance"

    • 11:50
    • 31 dic

    Mideast: UN vote, PNA to join International Criminal Court

    Mahmoud Abbas tv address tonight, surprised expected

    • 11:46
    • 31 dic

    Palestinian resolution rejected by UN Security Council

    Eight votes are not enough, Washington does not veto motion

    • 19:56
    • 30 dic

    UNSC to vote on Palestinian draft resolution

    Israeli withdrawal from West Bank by 2017; US and UK against

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