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    • 12:19
    • 11 nov

    Arafat’s death: Tirawi, we will reveal Israel is responsib

    Widow Suha, case in The Hague if France rejects appeal

    • 11:57
    • 11 nov

    Mideast: EU approves code on labels of settler products

    • 18:42
    • 10 nov

    Netanyahu hints at Golan issue in meeting with Obama

    Reports Haaretz, 'wants recognition of annexation'

    • 11:50
    • 09 nov

    Netanyahu in the US, Palestinian dossier and military aid

    After rocket from Gaza, Israel hits Hamas positions

    • 09:58
    • 06 nov

    Mideast: Obama rules out peace accord by end of mandate

    White House sources, 'realistic evaluation' by president

    • 16:29
    • 04 nov

    Micro-credit for Palestinians begins, with Italian help

    'To reinforce Palestinian state', Consul General La Cecilia

    • 12:52
    • 02 nov

    Mideast:'citizen journalists' behind success of Al-Quds News

    Most followed network in West Bank

  1. 'Sharp' Palestinian cartoonist Boukhari dies
    • 10:56
    • 02 nov

    'Sharp' Palestinian cartoonist Boukhari dies

    Traditional family among his targets

    • 14:03
    • 30 ott

    Mideast: two Israelis stabbed in Jerusalem

    Police, attacker hit. First episode in weeks

    • 17:39
    • 29 ott

    Israel cautions Italy about Rouhani visit to Rome

    'Don't think only about business', ambassador at ANSA forum

    • 12:21
    • 29 ott

    Israeli ambassador says Third Intifada 'limited'

    Gilon af ANSA forum, none of the parties wants it

  2. Abu Mazen urges UN for protection, we need you
    • 14:08
    • 28 ott

    Abu Mazen urges UN for protection, we need you

    Palestinian president, Israel led to explosion of violence

    • 14:06
    • 28 ott

    Mideast: 'Globe to Globe Hamlet' performs in Ramallah

    Performed last night, artistic director, tragedy speaks to all

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