Latest news Palestinian N. A.

    • 14:49
    • 17 dic

    EU Parliament backs recognition of Palestine

    2 states with Jerusalem as shared capital, 1967 borders

    • 13:20
    • 17 dic

    Netanyahu, EU to redefine Hamas as terror group

    Premier, Israel rejects technical motivations of court

    • 13:19
    • 17 dic

    Mideast: EU, Hamas remains terror group

    Spokesman, legal ruling from Court, not political decision

    • 12:12
    • 17 dic

    EU Court rules in favor of Hamas, scraps it from black list

    Freeze on assets maintained for three months

    • 10:58
    • 17 dic

    Mideast: EU court removes Hamas from terror list

    For procedural reasons but asset freeze maintained

    • 10:42
    • 17 dic

    U.S. veto on UN motion. Palestinians to go ahead anyway

    Kerry vies to postpone but text at UN in coming hours

  1. Kerem-Shalom, where the goods pass to and from Gaza
    • 16:01
    • 16 dic

    Kerem-Shalom, where the goods pass to and from Gaza

    At the Israeli border, trade needs a complex procedure

    • 11:25
    • 16 dic

    ME: Palestinian killed by Israeli army in West Bank

    Israeli military spokesman, shot after attack against troops

    • 10:50
    • 16 dic

    ME: Netanyahu to Kerry, say no to Palestinian attempt

    Jordan, France press on with drafts on Palestine bid

    • 13:30
    • 15 dic

    Mideast: Israeli sources, we expect U.S. veto on resolution

    On Territories withdrawal in 2 years.Today Kerry-Netanyahu talks

    • 10:37
    • 15 dic

    Netanyahu to Kerry and Renzi,no withdrawal to pre-1967 lines

    Today meetings in Rome.PNA, UN to vote on 17th to end occupation

    • 17:09
    • 12 dic

    Portuguese parliament votes to recognize Palestine

    'Recommendation' to gov't, majority and opposition agree

    • 14:25
    • 12 dic

    Me, army spokesman reports 'terrorist' attack against Jewish

    Acid attack close to Jerusalem, aggressor injured, media said

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