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    • 13:45
    • 13 feb

    Spain, the Socialist International meeting kicks off

    In Valencia, an assessment of Mediterranean challenges

    • 11:51
    • 13 feb

    Isis captures 'Mossad spy', a Palestinian from Jerusalem

    Father, he left in secret, does not work for intelligence

    • 10:10
    • 03 feb

    Gaza, Schabas leaves UN commission, cites 'Israeli pressure'

    Netanyahu, time to shelve report on war

    • 10:22
    • 02 feb

    Hamas: 'we are not terrorists, we defend Palestine'

    Palestinian movement rejects decision by Egyptian special court

    • 11:59
    • 30 gen

    Israel publishes tenders for 450 new units in Territories

    Peace Now, tender already proposed in past

    • 18:53
    • 28 gen

    'Italy Day' in Hebron as part of cooperation with Palestine

    Held by Jerusalem consulate; Genoa mayor calls for recognition

    • 15:41
    • 28 gen

    Gaza protest held at UNRWA it suspends aid

    Demonstrators attack local HQ

    • 12:37
    • 27 gen

    Me: Gaza Unwra no funds left, suspends aid to the displaced

    • 12:27
    • 23 gen

    King Abdullah: Sisi's homage,Egypt observes week of mourning

    40 days in Jordan and Bahrain, today funeral in Riyadh

    • 09:49
    • 22 gen

    Football, Asian Cup: Jordan and Palestine out, Uae dreams on

    Palestinian coach: we've learnt a lot this is just the beginning

    • 13:50
    • 21 gen

    Netanyahu blames Tel Aviv attack on Abu Mazen's campaign

    Lieberman, PNA president wants to eliminate Israel

    • 09:57
    • 21 gen

    Mo: attack in Tel Aviv, bus passengers stabbed

    Nine wounded, injured Palestinian arrested. Hamas, 'heroic act'

    • 19:02
    • 20 gen

    Italy 'should recognize Palestinian state', says Shaath

    Abbas's former chief negotiator; parliamentary vote 24/1

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