Ufm: Brussels, EU co-presidency to fuel dialogue

In view of new meetings on trade, energy and transport

15 May, 17:38

(ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, MAY 15 - With the EU holding the role of Mediterranean Union co-president of the North, Brussels is expecting ''new momentum'' in the dialogue taking place between the 43 countries involved by 2013. This was the message that emerged from the European Commission's statement on the road map of the EU's new neighbourhood policy. According to Brussels, by next year several meetings will be organised at the ministerial level in the fields of trade, transport, energy and industry. Likewise, meetings between high-level officials will aim to provide the UFM secretariat in Barcelona with ''efficient guidance for projects''. What has been achieved until now? The UFM has adopted 8 projects for which they are currently seeking financing regarding a desalinisation plant in Gaza and the completion of the Maghreb motorway. The purpose of the EU's work in the coming months will be to make the Mediterranean Union ''an effective tool to promote political dialogue as well as cooperation within industries in the region''. Another objective will be to promote greater collaboration between south shore countries, and in North Africa in particular, and to develop dialogue between the EU and other associations in the region, the Arab League in particular.



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