Greece: metro workers and govt clash on 7th day of strike

Spokesman to Athens public transport staff, must respect law

23 January, 16:13

(ANSAmed) - ATHENS, JANUARY 23 - The face-off between the Greek government and the workers of the Athens underground has grown fierce, with the latter striking for the seventh day in a row. In speaking on the radio station Vima 99.5, government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou urged the ''protagonists'' of the strikes to comply with the judiciary's decisions by tomorrow or face the legal consequences of not doing so. ''The disruptions inflicted on citizens and the resulting economic upset in the nation's capital,'' Kedikoglou said,''cannot continue. Public transport must resume its normal schedule immediately. Those responsible for this unacceptable situation must comply with the decisions of the judiciary or they will be made to face the legal consequences.'' Today the management of Stasy (the rail transport company)issued a statement urging its workers ''to comply with the court's decision by returning to work and providing citizens with necessary services.'' The Athens Metro workers have also released a statement, reminding the company and the Infrastructure Ministry that over the past few years they have suffered a sharp reduction in personnel and salary cuts and accusing them of wanting to abolish rights gained over the years, such as ''the right to go on strike and collective labour contracts'', and of providing the media with incorrect information in order to undermine their struggle. (ANSAmed).


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