Israel: Cabalist Madonna in Tel Aviv, with decoy double?

Unusual worship as World Tour launch approaches

28 May, 17:49

(ANSAmed) - TEL AVIV, MAY 28 - Is there a Madonna Doppelganger roaming the streets of Tel Aviv? This would seem to be the case if rumours circulating in Israel (mostly on the Web) are to be believed. Strange to say, the rumours coincide with the launch date of the US superstar's 2012 world tour, which starts in Tel Aviv on May 31.

Having become initiated into (a jet-set version) of the Cabalistic mysteries, as served up to his Hollywood jet set clientele by US Rabbi Berg, Madonna has already made Tel Aviv a home away from home. But despite having been in Israel on three recent occasions, the singer's arrival ahead of the opening concert date has stirred up interest among local fans and media.

As the usual 'reliable sources' reveal, Ms Ciccone(re-baptised Esther in her guise as Cabal initiate) is in the company of ''a male friend'' and four children: two of them of her own blood (Lourdes and Rocco) and two adopted. Also in her entourage - it would appear - is the alleged double, charged with sending paparazzi on a wild goose chase and taking the family off star and family.

The canny stratagem is alleged to have enabled Madonna to celebrate the Hebrew festival of Shavuot - which commemorates the delivery to Moses of the tablets of stone bearing the Commandments - at a famous centre for Cabalistic revelation in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Another - unconfirmed - rumour, is that the singer has slipped out of her hotel in the dead of night to visit the ''holy city'' of Safed (Galilee), so dear to worshipers and to the rites of some of schools of the Orthodox Jewish creed. Her mission? To kneel, by the light of the moon, upon the tomb of a thaumaturge Rabbi of sacred memory. (ANSAmed).


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