Jerusalem: Ramadan attracts 100,000 to Jerusalem Mosque

20 July, 19:36

(ANSAmed) - Jerusalem, July 20 - A crowd of roughly 100,000 Muslim worshippers gathered to pray on the clearing outside the Jerusalem Mosque Friday for the first day of Ramadan, reported local media citing official estimates.

The Jerusalem Mosque is the third most sacred place in the Muslim world. Participation was in line with previous years despite restrictions imposed by Israeli authorities for security reasons.

Men under the age of 40 were barred from the mosque, though women encountered no age barriers.

Israeli police and military, on the other hand, announced an easing of restrictions between the West Bank and Jerusalem, and of controls at many checkpoints in the Palestinian territories, for the entire month of Ramadan, but total closure of the border at Eretz and the Gaza Strip.

Israeli president Shimon Peres and other state authorities wished Palestinians and Muslim-Arab Israeli citizens - which number nearly 1.5 million - a good Ramadan. (ANSAmed).


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