Israel: war against Iran as costly as peace

Press analyzes costs of various scenarious

20 August, 18:17

(ANSAmed) - ROME, 20 AUG - The cost of war against Iran and the cost of peace. The issue is on the agenda in Israel, where the talk of a possible, upcoming conflict with Tehran is frequent. But if the first focus of the debate was whether the Jewish state would attack, now speculations seem to focus on the cost of war.

"The war against Iran could cost $ 42 billion" headlines today the site of Arutz Sheva, network close to Israeli religious right wing. The data is taken from a study of the Business Development Institute (BDI) in New York, which based its estimate on the cost of Israeli-lebanese war(over one month of war in 2006).

"The consequences of an attack on Iran are difficult to predict - writes the "Globes", authoritative economic magazine- but no doubt it would affect Israeli national economy for a certain period of time. " Even now, after all, "the specter of war hangs like a black cloud on the Israeli market. " But if war would cost dear, peace also has its price, as pointed out by Yarom Ariav, former director general of Ministry of Economy, an expert in the field of military spending. "If Israel does not attack, and Iran becomes a nuclear power - said Ariav, quoted by the Haaretz newspaper - the economic backlash would be significant: our rating would worsen and we should greatly increase the budget for defense and national security. " Excluding considerations of various nature(strategic, ethical, etc.), it is therefore very difficult to understand which one of the two scenarios would be less costly.

But uncertainty has a price too: "The current climate is a deterrent for those who want to invest in the country, "writes today the site Ynet. Even the real estate sector - a hen that laid golden eggs in recent years -in the first half of 2012 has seen "a halving of foreign investment in comparison with the previous year. " (ANSAmed).


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