Tel Aviv, urban planning must be focused on the future

Architect Luca Zevi, dialogue with Arab cities

06 November, 19:19

(ANSAmed) - TEL AVIV, NOVEMBER 6 - Tel Aviv's Shenkar College of Engineering, Art and Design believes that their city's urban planning can be revised to build a better future for its citizens. To this end, they held a conference in Tel Aviv today where they analysed their city's past to determine the best way forward.

''Tel Aviv is a metropolis that arose triumphantly from its consumerist phase,'' says Luca Zevi, who is an architect, urban planner and project developer for Rome's Shoah Museum. ''The city's triumph took place at the same time that an economic crisis hit other cities. For now, Tel Aviv continues to triumph, but it's possible that the crisis will arrive here as well, so it's opportune to contemplate on the city's past developments as well as its future potential, just like in other contemporary cities.'' Zevi, who will present his book entitled Conservation of the Future tomorrow at the Italian Institute of Culture in Tel Aviv, proposed this ''rethinking'' along two lines: ''On the one hand, Tel Aviv must be able to create direct relations with Arab cities, naturally with the countries who do not want the destruction of the state of Israel,'' says Zevi, ''In this way, they can bypass politics and create a supportive urban planning network from city to city.'' ''On the other hand, it must pursue a sustainable development for itself which is based on a creative process,'' Zevi continues.

Nicknamed the ''old-new city'', Tel Aviv-Yafo is a metropolis of 400,000 inhabitants. The fact that it's home to a number of different communities, all with their own political, ethnic, religious and social beliefs makes it unique. That's the reason why coming up with a new plan for its current development as well as its future outlook is a complex challenge. (ANSAmed).


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