Syria: EU, lack of definitive evidence on chemical weapons

UN to monitor situation, Ashton worried about abducted bishops

26 April, 13:45

    (ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, APRIL 26 - The use of chemical weapons in Syria would be totally unacceptable for the European Union although Brussels is still waiting for more definitive evidence on their employment as alleged by Israel and the US, Micheal Mann, a spokesman for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, said on Friday.

    'We are still monitoring this along with our international partners to see what has really happened as it doesn't seem entirely clear at this point in time', Mann said, stressing that the use of chemical weapons would be 'completely unacceptable'.

    Mann called for the United Nations to be granted permission to investigate from within Syria.

    US reports have not been definitive, Mann also said, calling for closer monitoring. President Barack Obama has said that the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime would be the 'red line' which, if crossed, would prompt western military intervention in Syria.

    'We have seen that the regime in Syria doesn't seem to have much respect for human life but we can't be definitive on this until we see definitive evidence', Mann said.

    Meanwhile Ashton expressed great concern over the fate of two Orthodox bishops kidnapped in Syria and called for their 'immediate release'. (ANSAmed)
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