Communications master in memory of Holocaust in Naples

At the Federico II university for cultural mediators

23 January, 14:42

    Federico II University in Naples Federico II University in Naples

    (ANSAmed) - NAPLES - A new master's degree on ''The communication of memory of the Shoah and of the culture of tolerance'' for the 4-2015 academic year organized at the humanistic studies department of the University Federico II in Naples will provide an occasion to study the Holocaust and all forms of racism and Holocaust denial fighting the creation of a shared memory.

    ''The historic analysis of the Holocaust has always been of great interest from a communications standpoint, because communication becomes historic action in the case of Shoah and allows to observe the paradox of denial'', Clementina Gily, the course's coordinator and a professor of general and social pedagogy, told ANSAmed.

    On the day of memory, the discovery of historical research on the holocaust starts from Naples through specific courses concerning in particular the Mediterranean, an area where the memory of Shoah and denial have clashed over the past decades.

    Among the issues examined by the master's course are: ''European philosophy and the Shoah. Art and religion in the Mediterranean''; ''Shoah in the Mediterranean: the case of Italy (and Campania) and the social construction of Memory'' and ''Inter-culture and interrelations in the media. Europe, Italy and the Mediterranean. Communication and cultural integration''.

    The post-graduate course is aimed, among others, at professors, historians, trainers, directors of communities, pedagogues, social, cultural and religious operators.

    ''Reflections at the centre of the master are very useful in mediation: we offer a strong cultural proposal with texts by authors who have discussed the theme a lot in the 1900s. We believe this is fundamental at a historic time in which there is less room in papers for historic analyses and the texts of authors necessary for reflection are not republished'', said the professor.

    The course includes intensive lessons and seminars; traineeships at institutions carrying out research on the Holocaust, or working on integration policies, media communication and journalism. The deadline for applications is March 31, 2015. (ANSAmed)

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