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  1. Communications master in memory of Holocaust in Naples
    • 14:30
    • 23 gen

    Communications master in memory of Holocaust in Naples

    At the Federico II university for cultural mediators

    • 14:28
    • 23 gen

    Abdullah: Israel, he contributed to stability in region

    Message of condolences from President Rivlin

    • 13:50
    • 21 gen

    Netanyahu blames Tel Aviv attack on Abu Mazen's campaign

    Lieberman, PNA president wants to eliminate Israel

    • 09:57
    • 21 gen

    Mo: attack in Tel Aviv, bus passengers stabbed

    Nine wounded, injured Palestinian arrested. Hamas, 'heroic act'

  2. Italy 'should recognize Palestinian state', says Shaath
    • 19:02
    • 20 gen

    Italy 'should recognize Palestinian state', says Shaath

    Abbas's former chief negotiator; parliamentary vote 24/1

    • 18:47
    • 20 gen

    Syria: Iran threatens Israel, reaction to be 'devastating'

    After Pasdaran general killed in Israeli airstrike

    • 11:23
    • 20 gen

    Israel: general strike against police in Arab centres

    In the aftermath of the death of two bedouins in Rahat

    • 18:46
    • 19 gen

    Hezbollah enraged by airstrike on Syria, 'Death to Israel'

    Mughniyeh's funeral in Beirut; attacks killed Iranian general

    • 17:02
    • 19 gen

    Cries of 'Death to Israel' at Muhgniyeh's funeral

    After attack on Sunday against Hezbollah in Syria

    • 13:40
    • 19 gen

    Mideast: EU presents appeal against court's ruling on Hamas

    Against movement's cancellation from terror list

    • 10:17
    • 19 gen

    Israeli missiles hit Hezbollah in Golan

    At least 9 militants killed in raid, including ex-military chief

    • 20:16
    • 14 gen

    Charlie Hebdo: Muslim world criticizes new cartoons

    After condemning Paris attacks; a few against the grain

    • 19:33
    • 14 gen

    Charlie Hebdo: Jerusalem mufti calls new cartoons 'insult'

    'Harms relations between Abrahamic religions'

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