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    • 10:14
    • 27 mag

    Mideast: Israeli raid on Gaza after rocket launch

    Minister of Defense, 'hefty price for Gaza if violence grows'

    • 13:21
    • 26 mag

    Mideast: Erekat, PLO against 'talks on settlement borders'

    • 11:20
    • 26 mag

    Mideast: Netanyahu ready for talks on settlement borders

    Haaretz, in meeting with EU foreign policy chief Mogherini

    • 09:18
    • 22 mag

    Israeli start-ups and experts in Italy to create the future

    Innovation, drones and robots

    • 10:43
    • 21 mag

    Football: Blatter mediating between Israel and Palestinians

    Calling for a vote on Israeli suspension from FIFA

    • 12:32
    • 20 mag

    Separate buses Palestinians, Netanyahu halts after protests

    Army: security reasons. Peace now: 'smell of apartheid'

    • 12:05
    • 20 mag

    Mideast: separate buses for Palestinian workers in Israel

    As of today. Army: security. Peace Now: 'smell of apartheid'

    • 12:45
    • 19 mag

    ME: Israel, protest of Ethiopian Jews resumes 'No to racism'

    Demonstration in Tel Aviv, government assessing new policy

    • 18:54
    • 15 mag

    EU foreign policy chief to visit Jerusalem and Ramallah

    For peace process; to meet with Netanyahu and Abbas 20-21/5

  1. 67th anniversary of the 'Nakba' and Palestinian exile
    • 17:58
    • 14 mag

    67th anniversary of the 'Nakba' and Palestinian exile

    Christian refugee tells ANSA of precipitous escape from Jaffa

    • 13:47
    • 14 mag

    Netanyahu completes his team, swearing in may be postponed

    Knesset convened tonight, some Likud representatives unhappy

    • 16:49
    • 13 mag

    Israel: Knesset approves more ministers

    First win by Netanyahu coalition

    • 20:10
    • 12 mag

    Interfaith dialogue important for stability, Italian FM

    Jerusalem patriarch echoes his words at Festival of Religions