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    • 19:28
    • 31 ott

    Mideast: Abu Mazen asks Kerry to stop escalation in Israel

    Jordan, peace treaty at risk. Day of rage, eight wounded

    • 13:50
    • 31 ott

    Energy: EU fund for Cyprus-Israel electricity connection

    • 09:49
    • 31 ott

    Middle East: Fatah calls for 'day of rage' in Jerusalem

    Media report tensions in West Bank. Temple Mount reopened

    • 18:43
    • 30 ott

    Jerusalem, Al Aqsa reopens to muslim worshippers Friday

    Decision by Israeli police

    • 14:29
    • 30 ott

    Hamas praises attack on far-right rabbi Glick

    'We salute the hands that pressed the trigger'

    • 14:13
    • 30 ott

    Sweden recognizes Palestine, sparking Israeli rage

    Lieberman lashes out, Palestinian Authority calls it 'historic'

    • 12:08
    • 30 ott

    Israel's closing of Temple Mount 'declaration of war', Abbas

    Palestinian Authority wants international intervention

    • 10:33
    • 30 ott

    Far-right rabbi shot and injured in Jerusalem

    Palestinian suspect killed in his home; Temple Mount sealed off

    • 18:34
    • 29 ott

    Abbas warns Israel not to let chance for peace slip away

    57 Arab and Muslim countries 'ready to normalize relations'

  1. Gaza: Nobel winner Malala gives USD 50,000 to UNRWA
    • 17:18
    • 29 ott

    Gaza: Nobel winner Malala gives USD 50,000 to UNRWA

    Prize money to be used to repair school damaged in conflict

    • 15:31
    • 29 ott

    Israeli announcement of more settlements wakens US rage

    Obama admin officials call Netanyahu 'shortsighted', 'cowardly'

    • 16:08
    • 28 ott

    Israel, Palestine host first International Organ Festival

    Organized by Franciscans, musicians on both sides of the wall

    • 15:48
    • 28 ott

    Mediterranean Mayors Forum says committee must be formed

    'EU must have role in mediating Israel-Palestine'

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