Egypt: El Aswany, our future is democracy

Writer in Udine for Terzani Prize

04 May, 20:11

(ANSAmed) - UDINE, MAY 4 - ''I am very optimistic about the democratic future of my country because the most important outcome of the revolution against Mubarak's regime has been that the people now have no more fear''. Egyptian doctor and writer Alaa el Aswany, who was among the demonstrators in Cairo's Tahrir Square and who has become one of the symbols of the Arab Spring, has been speaking in Udine where festival 'Vicino/Lontano' (Near/Far) will see him win the international Tiziano Terzani literary prize. ''Sure, the situation is still difficult because the Supreme Command of the armed forces has been opposing the revolution for fifteen months now. But the anti-revolutionary alliance between Scaf, the Salafis and more fundamentalist Islamic forces has now been broken. So I am confident that, if the rule of law is ensured by the forthcoming elections, democracy will soon triumph in Egypt''. Awarded the prize for the book 'The Egyptian Revolution' (2011), El Aswany also comments on the wearing of the veil: ''I consider it a personal matter. It is time for the West to get over its stereotypes: half of the people in Tahrir Square were women and many of these wore a veil. This does not make them any less authentic or courageous''. (ANSAmed).


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