Immigration: Bari, 127 migrants rescued by finance police

Egyptians and Palestinians, many minors, 7 hospitalised

16 July, 11:42

(ANSAmed) - Bari, July 16 - Finance police intercepted a fishing boat carring 127 Egyptian and Palestinian illegal immigrants and accompanied them to the port of Bari early Monday morning.

The migrants, including numerous minors allegedly aged between 14 and 15, had been sailing for just under a week and landed in a poor condition; seven required hospital treatment. The boat had been intercepted Saturday evening by an Icelandic plane coordinated by the naval air operations base at Taranto as part of international anti-immigration operations 25 nautical miles from San Cataldo, in Puglia's southern Salento region, and monitored for around 48 hours. Finance police drew alongside the boat at 3.40 am Monday after it entered territorial waters. The migrants reached the port of Bari at 5.30 am. Initial checks suggest the traffickers could be among the migrants and they are thought to be Egyptian. (ANSAmed).


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