Italy: school, students demonstrate in 90 cities

National day of protest, march in Rome

12 October, 12:05

(ANSAmed) - ROME, OCTOBER 12 - Italian students will stage demonstrations today in 90 cities during a national teachers' strike to protest against 'the sale of public schools and destruction of universities', said a statement by the Conoscenza network of student activists.

'We are demonstrating to state our total opposition to the draft law 953 which would scrap students' representatives in school boards and would enable private companies to enter our schools as is happening after the approval in 2010 of the Gelmini law', said Roberto Campanelli, national coordinator of the Unione studenti.

Another measure opposed by students, said Luca Spadon, the national spokesperson of the activists' 'Link Coordinamento universitario' is the 'rise of taxes for students who have not completed their university studies in time and lowering scholarships, dramatic measures which will not allow many to go to university'.

Demonstrations are scheduled all day in all of Italy's main squares 'to highlight to the country the dramatic situation suffered by students who have been hit by the crisis in an unprecedented way and who want to change schools and universities in a democratic process', said the statement of the students' union.(ANSAmed).


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