Italy:Monti to lead centrist coalition in upcoming elections

28 December, 20:33

(ANSAmed) - Rome, December 28 - Italian Premier Mario Monti, who tendered his resignation from his post of Italian prime minister December 21, said following a meeting with political allies in Rome on Friday that he would lead the centrist ticket in the upcoming elections.

Monti has led the nation for 13 months with his technocrat government tasked with steering Italy away from a debt crisis.

At a press conference following a meeting with centrist Catholic UDC party leader Pier Ferdinando Casini, representatives of the Italia Futura political movement, and Andrea Riccardi, a minister in his technocrat government formed in November 2011 in an effort to save Italy from a Greece-style debt crisis, Monti said that the crisis has not yet been overcome. "I believe the emergency is not over", Monti said. "There is an equally serious and perhaps more important emergency which is that of unemployment, particularly the youth one, and the lack of growth," the premier said.

Following his resignation he announced he would back parties that intended to pursue his reforms platform at the upcoming February general elections rather than actively run in the elections, spurring the support from groupings like the UDC party and Italia Futura. "I had never thought of creating a new party, I am not a man of providence", Monti said. (ANSAmed).


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