Israel: less support for the right, more hope for peace

But fewer Palestinian MPs, Arab voters disapppointed

23 January, 17:13

(ANSAmed) - ROME, JANUARY 23 - The president of the Arab Communities in Italy (COMAI), Foad Aodi, has commented on the outcome of the Israeli elections, saying that ''the right did not win as it had expected to'', and this, alongside ''the continued support for the centre and also the left - despite its being split up into several small parties - could foster the peace process and a halt to settlement building, which is the main obstacle to any initiative'' for peace.

The COMAI president said that the outcome shows ''the voters' desire to move more towards the centre, where there is greater support for the intensification of the peace process'' and for halting settlement building. Aodi hopes, therefore, that ''international diplomatic efforts will take the election results'' in Israel into account.

However, there was also a decline in representatives from the Arab minority elected to the Knesset. The number of representatives has ''dropped from eleven to nine, and this is a pity since it shows the disappointment felt by Palestinian voters,'' Aodi underscored, saying that he hoped those elected would have ''the necessary support to give a constructive voice to the Palestinians of Israel.'' (ANSAmed).


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