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    • 16:44
    • 26 feb

    Italian operations center for Adriatic-Ionian Macroregion

    Coordinated by PM's office and foreign ministry, says Gozi

    • 10:55
    • 26 feb

    Italy-Tunisia:Holy Cross in Medina to become Med Arts-Centre

    Italian cooperation active to protect artistic heritage

    • 19:01
    • 25 feb

    Books: the Islam that 'frightens' a false one, Ben Jelloun

    Author decries inaction before advance of extremism

    • 15:41
    • 25 feb

    No military solution for Libya, say Italy and Tunisia

    Foreign ministers meet; ''support the UN', says Gentiloni

  1. New Charlie Hebdo issue, 'Pope should reread the Gospels'
    • 15:40
    • 25 feb

    New Charlie Hebdo issue, 'Pope should reread the Gospels'

    'A good Christian turns the other cheek'

    • 12:44
    • 25 feb

    Italian windsurf champ Menegatti found dead in his bed

    Autopsy to ascertain cause of death

    • 12:41
    • 25 feb

    Libya: Gentiloni, doubled efforts for political solution

    Foreign minister in Tunis meets President Essebsi

    • 10:42
    • 25 feb

    Egypt: Suez Canal authority asks Italy to invest

    Authority chief tells entrepreneurs, 'you are brothers'

    • 10:38
    • 25 feb

    Italian FM in Tunisia, support for new institutions

    Relations on agenda of talks, along with terrorism, Libya

  2. Jovanotti says new album 'makes me a happy man'
    • 19:32
    • 24 feb

    Jovanotti says new album 'makes me a happy man'

    Album entitled 'Lorenzo 2015 CC' features 30 tracks

    • 19:06
    • 24 feb

    Migration: Italy and France want more incisive EU efforts

    Release joint statement

    • 17:36
    • 24 feb

    Libya is 'EU priority', says Italian PM

    'No peacekeeping mission now' as 'only Libyans can make peace'

    • 12:43
    • 24 feb

    Italy-France: Renzi visits Hollande, summit starts

    International issues, Turin-Lyon high-speed train on agenda

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