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    • 12:39
    • 16 ott

    Theater: Teatro dell'Argine's Escale 32 tomorrow in Carthage

    Great success of Italian-Tunisian tour

    • 10:37
    • 16 ott

    Libya: Leon, mission impossible without Italy

    Gentiloni, no role to those against accord. Ban, support UN

    • 10:13
    • 16 ott

    Mideast: Jerusalem Foundation for peace with children's plan

    On Saturday dinner and auction in Milan for schools, museum

  1. Ban hails 'courageous, profoundly humane' Italy
    • 18:25
    • 15 ott

    Ban hails 'courageous, profoundly humane' Italy

    On Italy's 60th anniversary as UN member

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