Syria: 5.800 refugees cross Jordan in one night

Majority are women and children

22 January, 13:11

(ANSAmed) - AMMAN, JANUARY 22 - Number of Syrian refugees fleeing violence reached critical amount with nearly 5800 crossing overnight from the southern border as Jordan pleads for help.

At least 10,000 people arrived in Jordan's north border within five days, bringing the total number of refugees to more than 150,000, said officials from the UN agency for refugees, UNHCR.

Majority of asylum seekers are women and children and wounded people from gunshots and shrapnel's, said a security official stationed on the border with Deraa.

''We have deployed nearly 100 military vehicles along the border to transport refugees to refugee centres or hospitals,'' a security source told ANSA. Most refugees are transported to Zataari refugee camp inside Jordan border, but the camp is becoming full and officials from the UN say a new camp must be erected as soon as possible. ''We are working to start receiving refugees in a new camp, but we lack resources,'' said Ali Bibi, spokesman of the UNHCR in Amman.

Violence in Syria continues to escalate in most parts of the country as rebels fight heavily armed government forces in most parts of Syria amid no signs of political breakthrough.



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