Latest news Jordan

    • 17:24
    • 27 gen

    ISIS video threatens to kill Jordanian pilot

    24-hour ultimatum for 2nd Japanese hostage

    • 12:27
    • 23 gen

    King Abdullah: Sisi's homage,Egypt observes week of mourning

    40 days in Jordan and Bahrain, today funeral in Riyadh

    • 15:19
    • 22 gen

    Japanese FM in Jordan to negotiate release of ISIS hostages

    • 09:49
    • 22 gen

    Football, Asian Cup: Jordan and Palestine out, Uae dreams on

    Palestinian coach: we've learnt a lot this is just the beginning

    • 13:21
    • 15 gen

    Terrorism, Arab League studying rapid intervention force

    Announced secretary general Nabil el-Arabi in Cairo

    • 18:54
    • 13 gen

    Football: Palestine defeated but proud to be on the field

    Team loses in Asian Cup debut against Japan

    • 13:24
    • 08 gen

    Culture: EU programme focus development Palestinian sector

    First meeting national group, training on the private support

  1. Jordan's Prince Ali to challenge Blatter for Fifa presidency
    • 10:34
    • 06 gen

    Jordan's Prince Ali to challenge Blatter for Fifa presidency

    Football's governing body elections to be held on may 29

    • 11:46
    • 31 dic

    Palestinian resolution rejected by UN Security Council

    Eight votes are not enough, Washington does not veto motion

    • 13:41
    • 30 dic

    Isis released picture of captured Jordanian pilot

    Interview of the prisoner on Dabiq, shot by heat seeking missile

    • 12:19
    • 30 dic

    Mideast, Palestinians pushing hard for UN vote on resolution

    Arab League meeting; Abbas pressing to hasten vote by end year

    • 11:53
    • 29 dic

    Isis, "free Jordanian pilot" campaign on social media

    #weareallMuadh, Arab world rallies to save him, also Queen Rania

    • 15:39
    • 24 dic

    ISIS: Jordan king follows case of pilot captured in Syria

    Authorities should exchange prisoners, Salafi activists say