Euromed: EP, no finance funds for non democratic countries

Euro MPs want stricter rules before giving the green light

25 May, 18:12

(ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, MAY 25 - No emergency funds to neighbouring countries who are tackling economic problems but who do not respect human rights and democracy. This is the position assumed by the Strasbourg Assembly, who in the last plenary meeting voted in large majority to a report on the matter. "Too often in the past this type of assistance has been given with little thought for the EU's values," said he Bulgarian speaker Metin Kazak (PPE). "My report is clear: only those countries who employ a strong effort to strengthen their democratic institutions, human rights, transparency and the fight against corruption should be entitled to receive loans and emergency endowments from the EU." The European parliament thus asks that the main beneficiaries as can be those nearby countries, for example the Balkans and the Near East, to employ the money in activities such as the fight against forced child labour, corruption or poverty.

The Euro MPs want to also block every plan by the EU Commission to cut them out of the decisional process. Now begin the formal talks with the Council in order to reach an agreement on changing the rules. (ANSAmed).


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