Coronavirus: the situation is worsening in eastern Europe

Over 100,000 cases and deaths rise, toward 4,000

21 July, 20:13

    (ANSA) - BELGRADE, 21 LUG - The growth rate of infections in Central and Eastern Europe continues to rise, in particular Romania and Bulgaria, an area that, in recent weeks, has experienced a significant increase of the coronavirus epidemic.

    For a few days, these countries have exceeded the threshold of one 100,000 cases since the beginning of the epidemic.

    According to official data collected by the World Health Organization (WHO) and processed by ANSA, the total of coronavirus infection cases confirmed in 10 countries in the Western Balkans (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia ), Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Slovenia since the beginning of the crisis until July 20 were 102,543. In the past week, total cases have jumped from around 89,000 to over 102,000. The Balkans are the region of Central and Eastern Europe that, between 13 and 20 July, recorded the highest percentage growth in the total confirmed cases.

    At the top of the ranking is Montenegro (up 45.0% total cases), a country that had declared itself "coronavirus-free" in early June, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina (up 22.8%), Croatia ( uè 17.0%), Kosovo (up 16.4%), Bulgaria (up 16.1%), Romania (up 15.1%), Albania (up 14.5%), Serbia (up 13.8% ) and North Macedonia (up 12.8%). Romania is the country in the region with the highest number of confirmed cases since the beginning of the epidemic and the highest number of deaths (respectively 37,458 and 2,026 on July 20), followed by Serbia (20,894, 472 deaths), North Macedonia (9,153, 422 deaths), Bulgaria (8,733, 300 deaths), Bosnia and Herzegovina (8,452, 250 deaths), Kosovo (5,692, 125 deaths), Croatia (4,354, 120 deaths), Albania (4,090, 112 deaths), Slovenia (1,946, 111 deaths) and Montenegro (1,771, 32 deaths).

    The number of deaths linked to Covid-19 is also increasing in the region. They were 3,587 on July 13, and 3,970 a week later, with the highest percentage growths in Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

    North Macedonia is currently the country in central and eastern Europe with the highest death rate related to Covid per million inhabitants (203 compared to 579 in Italy). Macedonia, which is also in third place in Eastern Europe, after Belarus (6,693 per million) and Moldova (5,201 per million), in terms of the number of cases per million inhabitants: now 4,407, against 4,042 per million in Italy. (ANSA).

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