Latest news Kosovo

    • 19:59
    • 03 mag

    Soccer: Kosovo given green light to join UEFA

    Serbia to launch appeal

    • 15:33
    • 11 apr

    Seselj barred from entering Kosovo after ICTY acquittal

    Serbian ultra-nationalist 'persona non-grata' in Croatia

    • 14:49
    • 08 apr

    Kosovo: tear gas at inauguration ceremony of new president

    Five arrests. Pristina under tight security for Hashim Thaci

  1. Kosovo: Hashim Thaci sworn in as new president
    • 12:59
    • 07 apr

    Kosovo: Hashim Thaci sworn in as new president

    Official ceremony to be held on Friday

    • 14:20
    • 04 apr

    EU-Kosovo: Mogherini, excellent cooperation with Jahjaga

    meeting before the end of the mandate of the Kosovo leader

    • 17:00
    • 01 apr

    EU-Kosovo Association Agreement enters into force

    Mogherini, this opens a new phase in the bilateral relationship

    • 14:06
    • 21 mar

    Migrants:Kosovo,premier's brother seeking asylum in Germany

    To treat serious illness. France already said no

    • 17:27
    • 04 mar

    Migrants: record 2015 asylum requests to EU, over 1.2 mln

    Doubled in one year, 44,000 in Germany, 83,000 in Italy

    • 14:11
    • 02 mar

    Migrants: intelligence, risk infiltration terrorists Balkans

    Transit area foreign fighters and consolidated extremism

    • 18:15
    • 01 mar

    EU grants EUR 3 mln to foster employment in Western Balkans

    To boost regional cooperation and public administration

  2. 'Ready for Balkan route migration if need be' says Alfano
    • 20:00
    • 29 feb

    'Ready for Balkan route migration if need be' says Alfano

    'Italy doing its share, everyone else must too' says minister

    • 17:05
    • 22 feb

    Cinema: 9 films from Balkans at 4th Balkan Florence Express

    Oxfam Italy promoted festival on theme 'migrants not invaders'

    • 16:57
    • 22 feb

    Serbian premier calls for 'motorway of peace' Nis to Kosovo

    Vucic asks European Bank for Reconstruction to finance highway