Defence: Italy-Malta 'Canale 12' exercises ready to begin

Starting on June 18 in Sicily with 5+5 countries

15 June, 13:25

(ANSAmed) - ROME, JUNE 15 - Joint Italian-Maltese air and naval 'Canale 12' exercises will take place in the airspace and waters in front of Augusta Bay in Sicily from Monday until Friday June 22. Their purpose," it was explained at defence headquarters, is to "foster cooperation, security and stability in the Mediterranean area", particularly regarding the region involving the countries part of the 5+5 initiative. The exercises, which take place each year and which will be happening for the 18th time, were planned, organised and coordinated by the Italian Armed Forces and also involve naval units and aircrafts from other Mediterranean countries. This year in order to "strengthen dialogue and cooperation between the north and south shores of the Mediterranean" countries from the 5+5 Initiative were invited. Algeria, France, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia accepted the invitation to participate with aircrafts and naval units and with staff personnel.

Defence officials underlined that "Canale 12 is held as an Italian-Maltese bilateral international exercise centred on joint operations with a strategic and operational focus. Training activities will be focussed on developing capabilities and flexibility in the broadest cooperative and integrative actions regarding rescue operations at sea, Maritime Law Enforcement and safety in the Mediterranean Sea". (ANSAmed).


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