Syria: Lebanon strengthens military presence on border

Army chief, 2,000 soldiers needed

11 July, 14:40

(ANSAmed) - Beirut, July 11 - Lebanon began strengthening its military presence along its northern confines with Syria on Tuesday night after repeated incidents of shelling by Syrian forces of Lebanese border areas, Lebanese newspaper The Daily Star reports. Beirut decided to beef up its border presence on Monday and on Wednesday the daily newspaper As Safir cited Lebanese army chief, General Jean Qahwaji, as saying that a brigade of 2,000 soldiers would be needed to effectively control the border area.

On Monday night Syrian forces exchanged fire along the border with unidentified militias in Lebanese territory. Shortly afterwards, Syrian forces fired artillery shells into Lebanese border villages.

A Lebanese man died of a heart attack during the shelling and two Syrian refugees were injured in a road accident while they were trying to flee. On Saturday a further three people were killed in similar shelling by the Syrian forces. (ANSAmed).


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