Syria: Rebels deny capturing Lebanese militant

His kidnapping in Damascus heightened tensions in Beirut

17 August, 14:12

(ANSAmed) - BEIRUT, AUGUST 17 - The Free Syrian Army (ESL) of rebels has denied today claims that it captured an alleged member of the Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah movement saying the report was "an invention of the Syrian regime to create tension between the Lebanese and Syrians".

News of the capture near Damascus of Hasan Miqdad, an alleged Hezbollah fighter, provoked yesterday the reaction of Lebanon's Shiite Miqdad clan close to Hezbollah which kidnapped twenty Syrians in Lebanon and a Turkish man. The retaliation sparked tension in the area around Beirut and in the eastern Beqaa valley.

In the statement issued today, the "leadership of ESL in Damascus and nearby area" states that "nobody in the ESL brigade captured Miqdad and the group which claimed responsibility for the kidnapping [with a video] does not exist. This is all an invention of the [Syrian] regime to create tension between the Lebanese and Syrians".(ANSAmed).


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