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    • 16:32
    • 20 giu

    Lebanese security chief targeted in suicide attack

    Two killed including policeman checking vehicle, 32 injured

    • 14:30
    • 20 giu

    Lebanon: suicide car bomber kills two, wounds several

    Explosion at police checkpoint on Beirut-Damascus road

  1. 'Boost support to Lebanese armed forces', says Italian FM
    • 19:58
    • 17 giu

    'Boost support to Lebanese armed forces', says Italian FM

    For regional stability; donors conference to bolster training

    • 15:33
    • 17 giu

    Lebanon in danger of becoming 'hub of terror', Italian FM

    'Support armed forces to ensure regional stability'

    • 11:49
    • 17 giu

    Lebanon: UN appoints Italian Gen. Portolano to head UNIFIL

    Ban Ki-moon thanks Gen. Serra, who hands over the reins on 7/24

    • 16:52
    • 16 giu

    Intl community must not leave Lebanon alone says Media Forum

    Reporters from both countries meet at Italian foreign ministry

    • 11:30
    • 16 giu

    Pistelli says Lebanon Italy's privileged partner in Mideast

    Deputy foreign minister opens media forum at foreign ministry

    • 18:07
    • 12 giu

    Lebanon: EIB, green light to 121 million euros of new loans

    Four finance agreements signed to support private sector

  2. Dell'Utri 'to be extradited Friday'
    • 12:12
    • 12 giu

    Dell'Utri 'to be extradited Friday'

    Former Berlusconi Italy faces seven-year Mafia sentence

    • 09:23
    • 12 giu

    Jordan: King opens multi-million Abdali Boulevard in Amman

    To include outlets, malls, restaurants and entertainment centres

  3. Syria: mystery over Dall'Oglio, Italy denies contacts
    • 10:19
    • 11 giu

    Syria: mystery over Dall'Oglio, Italy denies contacts

    As claimed by Lebanese daily. Jesuit disappeared a year ago

    • 10:40
    • 05 giu

    Syria: Assad wins election by 88% landslide

    Down by 9% over 2007, in what G7 calls a ''fake'' vote

    • 14:47
    • 04 giu

    EU, green light to 246 mln to support the work of UNRWA

    contribution for 2014-2016 to schools, health and social service

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