Libya: no proof of foreign funds to election candidates, EU

06 July, 13:38

(ANSAmed) - TRIPOLI, JULY 6 - ''We have heard rumours about possible funds to parties sent from abroad but, since there is no proof of this, we will not comment on the allegations', said Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, Germany's European MP heading the Libyan election assessment team.

The EU is monitoring, together with other international observers, the first free elections in the country after four decades.

The team is deployed in Libya's main cities including Bengasi and Misurata but not in the South 'for security reasons' said Lambsdorff.

''There have been reports of vandalism in some polling seats and we have heard threats of a boycott of the vote, but what counts is that most Libyans want a peaceful and successful election', he said. ' This is the beginning of a path towards democracy. Nobody expects it to be perfect, what counts is that it is possible to vote''.(ANSAmed).


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