Immigration: More boat people arrive in Calabria, Sicily

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11 July, 17:35

(ANSAMed) - ROME, JULY 11 - The Guardia di Finanza, which patrols territorial waters and deals with financial crime, last night found a sailboat carrying 25 Syrian migrants that had run aground off the coast of Reggio Calabria. The migrants, which included 12 women, 2 of them pregnant and one over 80 years old, and 4 children, were taken to Roccella Ionica. They are in good condition and are being housed in municipal facilities.

Another 74 migrants of various nationalities, 13 women and 27 minors among them, landed on Calabria's Isola Capo Rizzuto last night. They were noticed by passersby, who alerted the police, who took the migrants to the Sant'Anna migrant hostel. The boat that dropped them off was not found.

In Sicily last night, a rubber dinghy with 51 people aboard (39 men, 11 women and a 3-year-old girl) was seen 60 miles south of Portopalo di Capo Passero, in Syracuse province. Guardia di Finanza personnel moved the migrants aboard their own vessel and took them to Pozzallo.

Also in Portopalo di Capo Passero, police detained two young Somalians, 18 and 19 years old, who are believed to have steered the 10-meter rubber dinghy that is believed to have come from Libya, and whose 65 passengers (51 men and 11 women) were rescued by the Guardia di Finanza 30 miles off the Sicilian coast two days ago. Another boat that left from Libya carrying 55 Eritreans at the end of June did not make it. Its sole survivor, as reported by Unhcr yesterday, is currently in a Tunisian hospital.



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